From the practices of the “Free” Syrian National Army

We can only describe the practices of the armed militias loyal to the Turkish occupation government as unruly gangs and the implementation of the law of the jungle law according to Turkish dictations, without being deterred by those who represent them politically and militarily in international forums:

The members of the Sham Legion militia who are controlling the Kabashin village – Sherawa district, on Saturday, 01/05/2021, raided a number of village homes and kidnapped civilians from the village’s residents, on charges of dealing with the authority of the previous de facto “self-management” and standing in shifts Guarding, for the purpose of material extortion and collecting ransoms, and taking them to the security headquarters, and they are both:
1 _ Ismail Jemmo Haider
2- Izz al-Din Jemmo Haider
Citizen Ezzedine, nicknamed Izzat, was released, while the fate of Ismail, Ismail, is still unknown.

Second – The militia members of Sultan Suleiman Shah al-Amshat, led by Muhammad al-Jasim “Abu Amsha”, on Wednesday 28/04/2021 demolished the house of the family of the late Hassan Nabu, nicknamed Hasan Balu, which belonged to his children and seized the report estimated at about 500 square meters, in order to establish A garage for the cars of the security forces, by virtue of its presence on the sidewalk opposite the Shih Police Station, the names of his children are as follows:
1 _ Ahmed Hassan Nabo: Two shops for him and his four-room house were demolished.
2 _ Adnan Hassan Nabo: A building under construction was demolished.
3 _ Farid Hassan Nabo:
Human Rights Organization in Afrin.

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