213 cases of arrests in Afrin by the pro-Turkish militants since the beginning of 2021

The Turkish-backed armed groups continue to carry out more arrests and kidnappings of civilians, as the rates of violence, crime, arrests, kidnappings, bombings, assassinations and unidentified corpses have increased in the Afrin region and the general areas controlled by the Turkish armed forces in northern Syria.
The Turkish forces and the Syrian armed groups supported by them under the name of the Syrian National Army and the security services associated with them continue to commit more violations and do not care about calls to stop the daily raids, arrest and kidnap citizens for the motive of obtaining a ransom, prevent their families from knowing the place of their detention or the reasons for it, refuse to bring them to trial and prevent them from attending Lawyer.
Since the beginning of the current year 2021, Afrin has witnessed no less than (213) arrests, and they are the detainees who were able to document their names, while the actual number is more than that, especially since there are names that their families have kept to mention, in addition to cases of detention that we were unable to reach. In addition, the killing of civilians under torture was monitored and documented, and multiple cases of violation.
The prevalence in this region has become daily systematic looting operations, appropriation of people’s homes and properties, olive seasons, logging and other activities, in addition to daily arbitrary arrests, kidnapping of people as hostages in exchange for a ransom, and harassment of the population.
Launching military chaos and dozens of terrorist groups is a deliberate Turkish policy; However, it is carried out by the “Syrian armed groups” under the name of the “Syrian National Army” of the Syrian Interim Government / Coalition, and all of this is taking place under the watchful eyes of the Turkish forces and their participation.
Afrin: 90 arrests during January 2021

Documenting the arrest and disappearance of at least 90 people, including women and children, in the Turkish-controlled areas of northern Syria during January 2021.

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