The leaders of the armed militia “the Syrian National Army” kidnap Kurdish citizens for the purpose of material extortion, collecting ransoms, or threatening them to surrender to Turkish intelligence.
First – Political Security officers present at the Mahmoudiya checkpoint on Tuesday 16/03/2021 kidnapped two Kurdish citizens residing in the city of Afrin, and they are:
1 _ Khalil Muhammad, from the village of Jaqla.
2 _ Amin Shabu, from the village of Alcana.
While they went to work clearing olive trees, they were taken to the security headquarters in the printing press for investigation, and then they were released after it was found that they were workers and did not have the money (workers with daily rent).
Second :- Members of the Hamzat militia who are controlling the village of Juqa _ the city center of Afrin, on Monday, March 15/2021, kidnapped a number of Kurdish citizens, including a citizen of the Arab component, on charges of dealing with the previous administration and taking them to the security headquarters for the purpose of material extortion and ransom collection For their release, they are all of:
1 _ Mustafa Kamal Saeed, alias Kamal Ashouna
2 _ Kamal Wahhab Saeed, nicknamed the Ashona family
3 _ Ismail Aliwi, nicknamed Tati, your sign
4 _ Muhammad Qasim 50 years old, nicknamed the Senk family
5 _ Jowan Osman Karra, known as Musa Tobak
6 _ Basil Hassan Musa, from the Arab component.

Third – The so-called Abu Al-Zahr (from the town of Sher Maghar – rural Hama), the leader of the Majd Corps militia, who controlled the village of Kela – Bulbul district, on Sunday March 14/2021
On summoning a number of village residents and accusing them of belonging to the Kurdish parties based on old photos published during 2012 on the social media “Facebook” while participating in the activities of the Syrian revolution demanding freedom and dignity in the center of Rajo district and Afrin during the demonstration against the Syrian regime, raising the flag Kurdish, threatening them with imprisonment or handing them over to the Turkish intelligence in the event of non-payment of cash (the ransom) and settling their status with the responsible authorities _ political security and Turkish intelligence _ and by virtue of the difficult (miserable) economic conditions of the citizens who were summoned, they could not secure the sums Estimated required amount of about 5000 – 7000 USD.
Human Rights Organization in Afrin

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