Shepherds and armed with the protection of the Turkish occupation forces

Day after day, the racist view – chauvinistic hatred and ferocity by the brutal mob in the Afrin region, from the armed militias and settlers, is increasing depending on the strength of the Turkish occupation force.

First – A settler called Shady in the town of Maidan Akbis, on Wednesday 10/03/2021, attacked the citizen Amina Mustafa Omar, 43, from the village of Kousa (Al-Midaniyat), Rajo district. By throwing the chair at her while she was passing by in the street after the words, because of her demand for the shop occupied by the settler in the sale and repair of smart phones, owned by her brother, and she submitted a complaint against him before the so-called “restitution of rights and grievances” committee on 03/06 2021.
This is why the citizen called for submitting a complaint a second time to the Turkish occupation forces, who referred the matter to the military police and in turn reported the committee a second time. Consequently, the complaint remains pending before the committee, until now, to no avail. Note that the number of complaints registered with the committee during the visit is approximately 12 cases.

Second – The Military Police in the Rajo district center on Tuesday 09/03/2021 imposed a fine of 2,000 Turkish liras against the citizen Fatima Muhammad, nicknamed (Umm Muhammad) from the village of Kulya _ Raju district, for herding livestock on agricultural land belonging to her. To her immigrant brother Shams al-Din Muhammad, according to the decisions and circulars issued by the local councils and the Chamber of Agriculture in Afrin, knowing that settlers graze their livestock on the lands of the indigenous Kurds who are present without deterrence or accountability. On 03/09/2021, we mentioned that the so-called Fadi Al-Batran, the leader of the Hamzat militia, and his relatives assaulted Ali Hassou, a 70-year-old resident of Kafr Zeit, and insulted him because of his demand to remove the livestock and not graze him in his field again.
On the other hand, security personnel affiliated with the Ahrar al-Sham militia who are based in the village of Atmana severely beat the son of Fatima, seized his motorcycle and imposed a fine of 1 million Syrian pounds without any law or justification (armed robbery and robbery), and Threatening him if he notifies the concerned authorities and the so-called “Rights and Grievances Restitution Committee”.

Human Rights Organization in Afrin

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