The violations of the Turkish occupation and its affiliated factions in the occupied Afrin region in various forms

Bulldozing works in the vicinity of the Roman amphitheater at the Nabi Hori site
The Turkish occupation authorities and the Syrian armed factions affiliated with it continue to violate and encroach on the monuments of archaeological sites in the Kurdish region of Afrin, with the aim of changing the historical identity of Afrin and stealing valuable antiquities and finds.
On Friday 26/2/2021, local sources reported that military groups of the armed factions affiliated with the Turkish occupation, during the previous days, resumed razing the area of ​​the “Roman amphitheater” at the Nabi Huri site in Sharan sub-district in Afrin countryside. Heavy vehicles surrounding the amphitheater, in search of archaeological finds, in view of the Turkish occupation authorities.
The site of the Prophet Hori was previously subjected to excavation and excavation work by the armed factions in search of antiquities and burials. And that the systematic theft and looting of the antiquities of “Afrin” continues in exchange for huge sums of money, and documented sources confirmed that the Turkish factions released the hand of the antiquities excavators in Afrin in exchange for huge sums of money.
The sources reported that artifacts were found at the site of the Prophet “Hori” or (Cyrus) or (Cursh), which date back to several ancient civilizations, the oldest of which were from the Hellenistic period around 280 BC, and were stolen, and excavators used machines to dig and sophisticated equipment to discover the location of these pieces While the sources said that the prospectors found mosaic panels that were smuggled into Turkey through merchants with joint facilities from the Turkish occupation forces and the controlling factions.
Armed opposition militants sell weapons and items stolen from Afrin on the Telegram group
On the other hand, the Syrian opposition militants loyal to Turkey are selling weapons and items stolen from the city of Afrin through social media, despite the formation of a committee by the Turkish occupation forces with the aim of stopping the violations and thefts in the region.
The Turkish occupation forces formed a military committee called the “Committee for the Reduction of Rights and Grievances” in Afrin at the end of last August, after the increase in complaints against the “Syrian National Army” militants, but the people of Afrin described it as a “formal committee whose goal is for information only.”
The Yazdina website in Afrin reported that the so-called “Syrian National Army” militants are selling the stolen items and items that they seize from the homes of civilians they arrest in Afrin, through a special room on the “Telegram” program called “Afrin Trade City.”
The source added that all types of weapons are sold to this group, in addition to items stolen from the area, “household appliances, bedrooms, electrical tools, etc.”
The source pointed out that the so-called “Syrian National Army” gunmen searched the homes of civilians who were arbitrarily kidnapping them, to steal their money, belongings and possessions, and confiscate weapons if they were present, in addition to taking royalties and sums of money in exchange for their subsequent release.
The armed factions confiscated all weapons in the homes of civilians as they entered the Afrin region accompanied by the Turkish occupation forces in 2018 under the pretext of ending the phenomenon of the proliferation of weapons among civilians in the area.
It is noteworthy that the Syrian armed opposition factions systematically intend to practice violations against civilians in Afrin by various means, through kidnappings and intimidation, and the request for ransoms of up to three thousand US dollars, which was confirmed by the report of the Independent International Commission of Inquiry on Syria issued on September 15, 2020. In addition to the numerous official and unofficial documents and reports issued by international civil human rights organizations such as Amnesty International, all of them confirm the occurrence and commission of these crimes and practices.

  • In a new tension … “Al-Shamiya” mobilizes in the center of Afrin, and deploys heavy weapons
    The “Levantine Front” faction of the Turkish occupation deployed today, Sunday evening, heavy weapons in the center of the occupied city of Afrin, in conjunction with setting up checkpoints to check the identities of passers-by to arrest the militants of allied factions against it.
    According to the Afrin Post website, the faction deployed checkpoints in the roundabouts of Al-Qabban and Kawa in the center of Afrin, amid the stationing of Dushka vehicles in the vicinity of the two roundabouts, and began a campaign to verify the identities of passers-by, as these checkpoints intentionally kidnapped militants, especially if they belonged to the Amshat, Hamzat, Milkshah and Sultan Murad faction, being It entered into a single alliance with the aim of excluding the “Shamiya” faction from the arena.
    Also, one of the headquarters of the “Ahrar al-Sharqiya” faction near the Marati roundabout in the western part of the city witnessed today a meeting with leaders of the “Levantine” faction to discuss how to confront the coalition formed from the Turkmen factions loyal to Turkey.
    Yesterday morning, the city center of Afrin witnessed a great security alert by the factions of the so-called Syrian National Army of the Turkish occupation, as armed elements spread inside the city and its entrances were closed at checkpoints, after the announcement of an extensive security campaign by the so-called “Ministry of Defense.” According to its statement, the Interim Government “has to root out” terrorist cells “and fight the corrupt. Human Rights Organization Afrin – Syria

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