The occupation authorities have arrested dozens of Kurdish citizens in connection with the Basuta bombing in Afrin countryside.
The Turkish occupation authorities have arrested dozens of Kurdish citizens, relatives of the two victims, who died as a result of the bombing that hit the home of Haifa Sharif Qasim (Kulele) on the morning of last Tuesday, February 23, 2012.
According to the local source from inside Afrin, Omid Akram Battal and Doran Omar Abrush were arrested, and the citizen Abdo Mistu Qasim, 50, the maternal uncle of the victim Nawzat and three of his sons, we could not know their names, in addition to Nawzad Akram Tobal wife Mrs. Helan Battal Khader 28 years old and Helan brother Citizen Shady Battal Khader, 36, and the other brother, Muhammad Battal Khader, 43, and her sister, Suzan Battal Khader, 25, who is married, mother to a child, and the victim’s uncle, Nawzat, the elderly Hassan Tobal, 70, who is a heart patient and diabetic, and Amina Mustafa Qasim, 60, the mother of the victim, Haifa. Yesterday, Wednesday, dozens of young men were arrested by the Turkish intelligence and members of the Hamzat faction, and they were taken to the center of Afrin, all of them relatives of the two victims, after the Basouta bombing in the southern countryside of Afrin, amid the continued security cordon imposed on the village until now.
The house of the victim, Nozat, was seized by the occupation authorities, and all of its properties were confiscated
The bombing, which killed the two young men, Haifa and Nozat, in addition to significant material damage to the house of the victim, Haifa Sherif Qassem.
The sources emphasized that the detainees are subjected to severe torture in prison to force them to confess to being behind the bombing, while the occupation authorities have not yet delivered the bodies of the two victims to this day.
The sources indicated that a commercial partnership relationship (trade in livestock) was linking the victim, Nawzt to a militant from the “Hamzat” faction in the village, amid unconfirmed news that a financial dispute between the two parties prompted the gunman to liquidate the citizen with a mine that was thrown into the house.

Human Rights Organization Afrin – Syria

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