One of the methods of torture is the release of dogs that devour the bodies of detainees in the prisons of the pro-Turkish factions in Afrin
Torture in prisons “is one of the most prominent crimes of Turkish-backed Syrian armed groups, daily crimes documented by human rights organizations that take place under the eyes and the participation of the Turkish army in the various areas under its“ occupied ”control in northern Syria.
They are not satisfied with kidnapping the people of those cities, forcibly hiding them, and burning the hearts of their mothers and relatives against them, but they commit double crimes against them, starting from torture to death or disability inside the prisons of the security services (political, military, Turkish commandos, Turkish or faction prisons and detention centers and prisons) Secret …….) 795 prisoners were tortured. The matter reached them to trade in the bodies of the dead among them, or to bargain with the families and families of the living among them to release them in exchange for money, the value of which varies according to the importance of the kidnapped person, his position and the weight of his family, and up to 100 thousand dollars for one abductor in some cases, according to eyewitnesses and documented cases.
They also follow systematic methods of torture, until the number of people who died under torture reached 91 prisoners, then they detain their bodies and negotiate with families to pay large sums of money in exchange for obtaining the bodies of their relatives, as the number of those who demanded a ransom for his release reached 875 people, including 79 women and 49 children.
According to several local sources, she confirmed that the most heinous torture is taking place in a secret prison in the Sharan area of ​​Afrin city. The prison belongs to the National Army formed and supported by Turkey, and the “Syrian opposition coalition” represents its political front. This prison is run by 3 people, whose surnames have been documented (Abu al-Moat, Abu Yazan and Abu Sajid). The source that we spoke to spoke about the horrific methods of torture that are taking place in this secret prison, where he indicated that since the entry of the Turkish forces, accompanied by the Syrian opposition groups of the opposition coalition, their main concern was silencing the voices, killing and randomly arresting the people on charges such as “atheism” or supporting The “People’s Protection Units” and “Syrian Democratic Forces” or “the Autonomous Administration,” and that neither the sick nor the children, the elderly, and the women are excluded from it. Even cleaners are also arrested on the accusation that they are former employees of the Autonomous Administration, and that this The prison is one of dozens of secret prisons that are called human slaughterhouses by “the people,” and no one comes out of them unscathed, unless his relatives can pay a ransom, which may sometimes reach $ 100,000.
The source, who said that he is familiar with and visited “the prison” at least twice, indicated that those in charge of this prison boast that they carry out torture day and night with regular and electric sticks, in addition to hanging on the wall, making detainees stand on the tips of the fingers or stand on tuna cans and launch dogs at Prisoners for biting their bodies, which is their latest method of torture, went on to say: “One day I visited the aforementioned prison, for a reason related to the maintenance of electricity, I heard a member of the factions brag to his other colleague how he filmed prisoners and dogs licking their bodies, and he said that he had pictures of a prisoner whose features seemed to be An elderly man was forcing another prisoner to hit him with a stick at the back of his head several times until he passed out … ”He added,“ They were laughing, while telling what they were doing against the detainees, as if it was a novel from a scene in a horror movie. ”He added, quoting their conversation …“ I photographed a prisoner after I forced him to take off A friend broke his hand, and I photographed another … and he was breaking his fingers while he was tied to his head because I threatened him with a hernia … They were also talking about subjecting prisoners to sexual assaults by inserting a plastic stick from behind, and hanging them for long hours …
Our sources also indicate that most of the deceased in the prisons of the National Army / Syrian Coalition factions are disposed of and not handed over to the family, and that dozens of similar cases have been documented, where some leaders of the factions resort through brokers to negotiate with the relatives of the deceased prisoner to hand over the body in exchange for a ransom, and that a small number of cases The faction members were those who buried in the presence of his family, and refused to photograph or open the body, except for the face to identify it, while most of the other deceased were disposed of either by burying them in unknown remote places in mass graves, or disposing of them by throwing the bodies in neglected wells, or burning them until …
The source said that there are no less than 7 bodies buried in the vicinity of “Sharan Prison,” and he informed that he is ready in the presence of a judicial authority, and to protect him to accompany them to the site… “I am ready to guide them to the collective cemetery near Sharan Prison, and I realize that once my testimony is published, they will move the bodies … But even Nevertheless, the effects cannot be hidden …

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