Statistics of ISIS “crimes” against the Yazidis during 7 years
The Office of the Rescue of the Abducted Yazidis announced the latest statistics of ISIS “crimes” against this component from 2014 to 2021.
According to a statement issued by the office, these statistics are approved by the United Nations, adding that the number of Yazidis in Iraq was about 550,000 people.
According to the statistics, about 360,000 people were displaced as a result of the “ISIS campaign”, while the number of those who returned to Sinjar is estimated at 150,000, indicating that the number of martyrs in the first days of the “battle” reached 1293.
Statistics of the Abductees Rescue Office clarified that the number of orphans released by the “invasion” is 2745 orphans, while the number of mass graves discovered in Sinjar so far has reached 82 mass graves, in addition to dozens of individual gravesite sites, according to the statement. Before ISIS, which were 68 shrines, he referred to those who immigrated outside the country, and their number is estimated at more than 100,000 people.
The number of Yazidi kidnappers reached 6,417, of whom: 3,548 are females, 2,869 are males. As for the number of survivors of the “terrorist ISIS” grip, they are 3545 people, including 1205 women, 339 men, 1045 female children, and 956 male children, according to the statistics.
Of the remaining 2,768, it was divided into 1298 females, 1,470 males, according to the statistics of the Yazidi Abducted Rescue Office, according to its last update on February 15-2021.
The remains of 104 Yazidi Kurds from Baghdad arrived at the village of Kocho in the Sinjar district, to be buried on Saturday (February 6, 2021), in an official ceremony, in the presence of a representative of the Kurdistan Regional Government, a representative of the Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi, a representative of the United Nations, and representatives of foreign countries And foreign and private organizations.
Also at the ceremony were the families of the victims of the ISIS war in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region, who had been waiting for more than a year for the results of the final DNA test of the remains.
So far, the remains of 348 have been exhumed from 17 mass graves, out of 73 mass graves for ISIS victims, and they were taken to the forensic medicine office in Baghdad for examination.
Kuju is one of the villages of Sinjar district, 23 km southwest of the city, and most of its residents were subjected to extermination by ISIS militants on August 3, 2014, as 520 men and 510 women lost the residents of the village alone

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