Ras al-Ain: A mass rape of a detained girl in the prison of the police intelligence department
Al-Hasakah (Ras Al-Ain, February 12, 2021):
A woman detained in a prison belonging to the intelligence department of the police was gang-raped by members of the police station in Ras al-Ain city, which is under the control of the Turkish armed forces.
According to security sources, the detained girl, named (Ruqayya _ B,) was raped en masse by both (Saad Qaitoun) and (Abd al-Razzaq Haj Mawloud) and several times since her arrest on January 6, 2021.
Saad Qaitoun, born in Idlib countryside, is an operative in the Intelligence Department of the Military Police, and Abdel Razzaq, born from Deir AL_zor, is an operative in the Special Tasks Department
Ras Al Ain
A picture of the Intelligence Department member of the Ras al-Ain Police Force, the policeman “Saad Kaitoun” who took part in the rape of a female prisoner in the prison of his station

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