The Hamzat faction is promoting drugs among children in Basuta and Afrin Center.
The Syrian armed factions affiliated with the Turkish occupation practice another form of terrorism and violations through the promotion of narcotic substances. The region is targeting public health and minds and spreading drug addiction among children by luring them to the factions’ headquarters.
According to the Afrin Post website, armed elements of the Hamzat faction in Afrin city and the town of Basuta are luring children between the ages of 10-11 years old, and giving them drugs and hashish as the first step of addiction.
The source pointed out a face of irony, that among the places where drugs are used are the former headquarters of the Asayish in the city of Afrin and in the town of Basuta, as these headquarters were centers for controlling security and stability in the past.
According to the source, the names of armed men who lure children, they are all: Abu Riyah, Abu Hassan, and Abu Fadel, who constantly have narcotic pills of all kinds, and are sold in pharmacies opened by settlers in Afrin.
The source also obtained the names of a number of children who fell between the clutches of grain and drug wolves, but the site is careful not to mention the names for safety reasons.

The issue of luring children and involving them in the abuse of pills and drugs is a dangerous crime at the moral, legal and social level, and aims to plunge children into the swamp of delinquency.
Afrin Post published on 7/17/2020, citing its sources, that three settlers from the Sukkari neighborhood in Aleppo (a mother and two of her sons) opened a few months ago a factory for the manufacture of narcotic pills such as (Captagon, tramadol, palatan and paste) in addition to the hashish of tatn. “The factory is visible to everyone, even children, and it is located between the villages of Maarska and Qatma in the Shara / Sharan district, in the Kamal Ezzat grove, after it was occupied by these settlers,” he added.
Human Rights Organization Afrin – Syria
The source pointed out that “this factory sells grain to pharmacies in the region, and this is taking place with the knowledge of the Turkish occupation, and they sell their products to militia leaders.

In this context, another source stated that a person named Abu Yazan al-Homsi was selling grain to militia militants in Shara / Sharran district. The source also noted that hashish is grown in the village of Kafr Mazzeh, which is in the Sheran / Sharan sub-district, and exactly in the house of Ismail al-Lahibi.

Human Rights Organization Afrin – Syria

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