Underage Abduction …The Most Painful and Secret File
The Turkish occupation authorities and the so-called factions of the Syrian National Army loyal to the Turkish occupation resort to all methods to harass people of the occupied Afrin region, through arrest and kidnapping campaigns, which take a deeper dimension by kidnapping women. However, the most dangerous part is targeting minors, exceeding all the limits of human rights violations. The dilemma is that most incidents are kept secret due to the customs, traditions and embarrassment, as well as the fear of reprisals.
According to the Afrin Post website, from the stories that were leaked from the occupied Afrin region, that an armed group belonging to the Sultan Murad faction, about a month and a half ago, kidnapped a minor Kurdish girl, not older than thirteen years, from her home in the Zaydiyya neighbourhood in Afrin. The girl’s name has been withheld due to many social and security considerations.
The kidnapping of the girl was not subjected by gunmen, and clear reasons for her abduction are not yet known, as it is not possible to charge a child who was only ten years old on the day Afrin occupied.
The Human Rights Organisation stated that the minor girl was subjected to sexual violence by the kidnapping armed group and was transferred to the hospital after being exposed to this heinous crime. She has since disappeared, despite her family’s frequent questions about her, but the armed men deny their connection with her.
It is noteworthy that the story of the minor Kurdish girl, Malik Nabi Khalil, is another example. She was kidnapped during the Eid al-Fitr eve on 23/05/2020 from her home in the village of Darwish, which is occupied by the “Elite Army” faction.
Another story; The “Elite Army” faction on 19/8/2020 kidnapped the minor Kurdish girl “Salwa”, in front of her house on the Villas Street in the centre of Afrin, and took her to their headquarters in the village of Amara, as the gunmen deliberately cut off the electricity from the Kurdish family’s house. when the girl went to raise the barrier installed at the entrance of the residential building, they kidnapped her, except the neighbours saw them and informed the military police faction. The investigations revealed serial killings and secret graves containing the bodies of 14 people who were killed at different times. However, the girl Salwa returned home in a state of delirium saying, “I do not want to go to Libya.”
Another example is the kidnapping of the Kurdish citizen Nadia Hassan Suleiman (20 years), from the village of “Qizilbasha” and the citizen Valentina Abdo from the village of Darwish.
The event of storming the headquarters of the Hamzat faction was an occasion for the matter to come out into the open strongly for the first time, when it was talked about the presence of naked women being held in the headquarters, and the file was tampered with. the kidnappers were transferred to be released gradually, but the question remains open as what will happen to the remaining women.
In general, the abduction of women, especially underage girls, will remain the most painful and secret file, and it will continue despite talking about it in reports by human rights and media organisations. However, what is being discussed is just a small part of it.

Human Rights Organisation Afrin – Syria

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