Militants of the Levantine Front faction loyal to the Turkish occupation are still kidnapping a number of citizens from the Maabatli district of the (Alawite sect), including women taking advantage of the killing of one of the leaders of the faction called “Abu Muhammad Hazwani.”

According to local sources from inside Afrin, the gunmen of the “Levantine Front” faction loyal to the Turkish occupation are still kidnapping more than “25” citizens, including women, youth and men from the area of ​​the saboteurs in Afrin countryside (and they are from the occupied (Alawite sect), taking advantage of the killing of the leader of the faction, called Abu Muhammad Hazwani, after his car was targeted with a car bomb, which led to his death on the spot.
He knew of the kidnapped Kurdish women from the Maabatli district center, who are:
1- Hevin Hambasho
2- Mukhtar’s departure
As for the kidnapped men, they are:
1- Muhammad Hassan Haji
2- Ahmed Hussein Haji
3- Shiyar Aref Youssef
4- Hammouda Aref Youssef
5- Muhammad Ahmad Ibrahim
6- Serbast Muhammad Ahmad Ibrahim
7- Jaker Hussein Yusef
8- Muhammad Hussein Yusuf.
9- Ahmed Hussein Mustafa and three of his sons. .
10- Hanan Hajiko
11- Ali Hajiko.
12- Shiyar Muhammad Hassoun.
13- Zuhair Shaabu.
14- Kamiran Shaabu.
15- Ibrahim Ezzat Shaabou.
16- Muhammad Aliko.
17- Muhammad Jojo
18- Nuri Jojo.
19- Salah Qarbouz.
20- Abdo Ibn Jamal.
21- Kazem Qasim.

And from the village of Qantara in the Maabatli district, the citizen “Inayat Ibish and three others”, whose names are not known yet.

Human Rights Organization Afrin – Syria

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