Factions loyal to the occupation cut down 220 olive trees from the trunks in the Qarah Jarna area in the occupied Afrin countryside

Militants of the Syrian armed factions loyal to the Turkish occupation continue to cut, log and trade olive trees, and 220 olive trees have been cut down in two fields near the Qarah Jarna junction.
According to the Afrin Post website, armed elements belonging to the so-called factions of the Syrian National Army cut down (130) olive trees from their trunks, owned by the Kurdish citizen Muhammad Khalil Hamo / from the people of the village of Haloubiya, and the field is located at the Qarah Jarna Junction – on the highway.
The source added that (90) trees were cut from a field located in the same area and owned by the Kurdish citizen, Muhammad Darwish, from the village of Matina. Note that the area is under the control of the factions (Sultan Murad and Ahrar Al-Sharqiya).
In a related context, the weekly report of the Unity Party stated that the “Hamzat Division”, since its control of the village of Qudah-Rajo, has seized the homes and properties of about / 170 / forcibly displaced families out of / 250 / families, who are the total of the villagers, of which about / 25 / A thousand olive trees, excluding the thefts and royalties imposed on the properties of those present, as 10% of the oil production was seized this season.
The families were not spared from harassment and other violations, as / 12 / citizens were arrested on 10/22/2020 on charges of their relationship with the previous Autonomous Administration, while the kidnappers were released after imposing a fine of / 400 / thousand Syrian pounds on each of them, while they were kept Citizen “Ahmed Ezzat Othman (40 years) is in detention and has not been released for reasons that are not clear.

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