Directorate of Endowments for Hatay State “Iskandorn” The transformation of the “Nabi Hori” archaeological shrine into a mosque in Afrin

The Ministry of Endowments of Hatay State in Turkey “Iskenderun” transformed the archaeological shrine of “Nabi Hori” into a mosque, by restoring the shrine located in Shara district, northeast of Afrin, after the shrine was subjected to bulldozing and excavation operations by the pro-Ankara factions in order to search the holdings Archaeological.
And that systematic theft, robbery and looting of the antiquities of “Afrin” continues in exchange for huge sums of money, as documented sources confirmed that the pro-Turkish factions released the hand of the antiquities excavators in Afrin in exchange for huge sums of money. (Cyrus) or (Corush), which dates back to several ancient civilizations, the oldest of which was from the Hellenistic period in 280 BC, was stolen, and the excavators used machines to dig and sophisticated equipment to discover the location of these artifacts, while sources said that the prospectors found mosaic panels that were made. Smuggling them to Turkey through merchants with joint facilities from the forces and factions controlling that region

Human Rights Organization Afrin – Syria

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