A large-scale kidnapping campaign in Maabatli district, after the car of the leader of the Levantine Front was targeted in the district

In the context, according to local sources, the Ma’abatli district witnessed a kidnapping campaign that affected dozens of civilians against the background of the explosion that occurred on Saturday 18 12 2020, where a car belonging to the leader Abu Muhammad al-Hazwani, a leader in the Levant Front faction, accompanied by two of the faction’s armed men, was targeted. The district and the elderly and women were subjected to humiliation, while a curfew was imposed in the district, and the names of the Kurdish citizens who were kidnapped are:
1- Ahmed Mustafa son Hussein and his three sons
2- Muhammad Hasan Hajj
3- Ahmed Hassan Haj
4- Zuhair Shaabu
5- Cameran Shabu
6- Muhammad Ahmad Ibrahim and his son
7- Muhammad Yusuf bin Aref and his two sons
And their fate is still unknown until now

Human Rights Organization Afrin – Syria

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