Details related to the latest events in the Yazidi village of Basufan in the occupied countryside of Afrin
According to local sources, the “Islamic Sham Legion” of the so-called “Syrian National Army” released ten kidnappers and kept a woman from the Yazidi village of Basufan in its prisons.
The source explained that the faction imposed a curfew in the village, confiscated the phones of all the villagers and prevented them from leaving their houses or going to other villages or the city of Afrin, despite the presence of elderly people who need medical care or visit hospitals periodically.
The militants of the Islamic Sham Legion launched a large-scale kidnapping campaign in the Yazidi village of Basufan on 4th December where 11 civilians were arrested:
Khalil Ahmadu, Arab Shaheen Arabo, Rizan Ibrahim Haydar Arabo, 22 years old, Sheikh Ezzedin Ibrahim Jano Qasim Qassem, Ramzi Fawzi Ahmed Alou, Riyad Ali Saif Deen 33 years old, Nabu Ali Osu, Gharib Musa Nebo, Jumblatt Said Junaid, and Ghazala Salmo 40 years old.
The source added that the “Islamic Sham Legion” had released all the kidnapped, except for “Ghazala Salmo”, who is still being held with them until now in a prison belonging to the faction located in Iska village of Sherawa district.
The kidnapped Ghazala Selmo is a mother of 6 sons and daughters whom lost their lives during the attack of the Syrian opposition factions and the Turkish army on Afrin in March 2018.

Source: Ezidina
Human Rights Organisation Afrin – Syria

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