Imposing in kind royalties (oil cans) on the citizens of villages under the control of the Amshat faction in the occupied Afrin countryside
In the context and according to local sources in the villages under the control of the Sultan Shah faction (Al-Amshat) in the countryside of Maabatli and Sheikh Al-Hadid, the faction’s members imposed in-kind royalties on the remaining Kurdish citizens in their villages under the supervision and instructions of the so-called Muhammad Al-Jasim Abu Amsha to pay the Afrin olive oil to the faction, except for Theft, looting and looting by its members.
And that the in-kind royalty was imposed on the people of Kakhera village, Maabatli district, it was estimated at about 2000 thousand tins (a plate), and that a committee was formed by the faction consisting of the leader Abu Ragheb, the head of the faction in the village, its members, and the mayor of the village, and oil is currently collected in the village and that every family is forced to pay oil For the Abu Ragheb group, the minimum is 3 tanks and that the families that do not have the oil buy it to pay it to the faction or pay a cash amount estimated at 25 dollars for each plate of olive oil. The royalty is variable and was imposed in the villages of Shih district, namely:
1- bottom Jakalla approximately 800 tin (plate).
2- A median Jakalla of approximately 700 tints (plate).
As for the owners of the 13 presses who are under his control, each of them has approximately (250 – 500) tin (plate).
Human Rights Organization Afrin – Syria

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