An Afrinian mother called us today for help, after the world narrowed and blocked all paths in her face. She expressed her suffering in an Afrin accent, and fear dominated her accent, expressing deep and unbearable pain, which exceeded all degrees of tolerance. And she began to tell her story with the release of groans mixed with tears. The story of this mother is as follows:
Her son twenty two year old was kidnapped in the city of Afrin twenty days ago, and they searched for him everywhere but found no trace of him, but they did not give up after learning that they must follow other methods of searching, and inquiring about their son. Indeed, after huge sums were paid, they were able to make sure that their son was detained in one of Afrin’s prisons, then they paid bribes and large sums to the concerned and officials in charge of these prisons, to secure a very short visit that did not exceed a few minutes, and it was limited to the mother only. We know the extent of the injustice suffered by the people of Afrin who are outside the prison walls, so how is the matter for those who are inside these walls, the pen is unable, like the tongue, to describe their misfortunes that oppress men and fathers, and break the hearts of wives and mothers as is the heart of this mother. This mother is an exception, her heart was broken when his eyes saw him. They brought her son stripped of his clothes, except for undergarments covering his awrah. As for his young body, it was mutilated as a result of being beaten, tortured, and electrocuted. The mother was nothing but to cry and say: I wish I had died before this and I was forgotten and forgotten, and I have not met you while you are in this situation, oh my heart. While the son was satisfied with showing his burned hand, perhaps by electrocution or with any incendiary substance, we do not know, while he was laughing at the severity of the horror, and the disturbances that the boy suffers from due to the physical and psychological torture he was subjected to inside the prison, saying:
My mom get me out of here, sell everything even my children, I beg you, mom. Here the visit ends, and the executioners have achieved their desire and aspiration from this visit and message, and they know full knowledge of the innocence of the young man, but they are aspiring to more money, and to fulfill the desire of their lady, Turkey will go on.
This is one story of torture, enforced disappearance, murder, and other violations that our people in Afrin are subjected to on a daily basis at the hands of the various military factions that work under the supervision and leadership of the Turkish state that seeks to empty Afrin region of its original inhabitants by various horrific means, and bring about change Demographic in it.
The pain of this mother is great, and the size of the mountains is heavy, so I offer her appeal to everyone, and I address every person who has a living human conscience, as well as parties, committees, international bodies, government institutions, and non-governmental organizations to take the issue of serious human rights violations in Afrin seriously, and take all What is needed to stop these violations, including the suffering of this mother and her son.

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