Documenting the arrest and disappearance of at least 37 people in Afrin since the beginning of November 2020.
The Turkish-backed armed groups continue to carry out more arrests and kidnappings of civilians, as the rates of violence, crime, arrest and kidnapping have increased in the Afrin region and throughout the areas controlled by the Turkish armed forces in northern Syria.
The Turkish forces and the Syrian armed groups supported by them continue to commit more violations and do not care about calls to stop the daily raids, arrest and kidnap citizens for the motive of obtaining ransom, prevent their families from knowing the location or reasons for their detention, refuse to bring them to trial and prevent them from appointing a lawyer.
In the month of October 2020, Afrin region witnessed the arrest of (127) people, including 7 women and a child, of whom we were able to document their names, while the actual number is more than that, especially since there are names their families have reserved to mention, in addition to cases of detention that we were unable to reach. In addition, the killing of civilians under torture was followed up and documented, and multiple cases of abuse, and more than 15 detainees were subjected to torture, and two deaths under torture were recorded.
The prevalence in this region has become daily systematic looting operations, appropriation of people’s homes and properties, olive seasons, logging and other activities, in addition to daily arbitrary arrests, kidnapping of people as hostages in exchange for a ransom, and harassment of the population.
Launching military chaos and dozens of terrorist groups is a deliberate Turkish policy; However, it is carried out by the “Syrian armed groups” under the name of the “Syrian National Army” of the Syrian Interim Government / Coalition. All this is taking place under the watchful eyes of the Turkish forces and their participation.
And since the Turkish forces took control of the city of Afrin and its incursion into northern Syria, (7027) people were arrested, 1016 of them were tortured, 131 of whom were killed, about 4,090 of them were released, while the fate of the rest of the detainees is still unknown, while the number of those released has reached About them after paying the ransom for 1080 people. In addition, 2,231 people were killed as a result of combat operations, explosions, assassinations and battle remnants of unexploded mines.
The number of Syrian refugees killed by Turkish soldiers’ bullets has increased to 470, by the end of October 2020, among them (89 children under the age of 18 years and 59 women). The number of wounded and injured by gunshot or assault increased to 523 people, who are trying to cross the border, or residents of Syrian border villages and towns, or farmers, and owners of lands adjacent to the border, where they are targeted by the Gendarmerie with live bullets.
In addition, (109) schools and educational and service centers have been converted into military headquarters.
On November 1 and 2:
The Military Police launched a campaign in several villages in Rajo sub-district, where it stormed the village of Qada and after us and arrested 11 people, whom we managed to document their names: “Muhammad Ibu 40 years old, Muhammad Haydar Sheikho 18 years old, Rif’at Hasan Haj Musa 55 years old, Salah Hanan Othman 60 Ezzat Othman 70 years old, Ahmed Haj Moussa 71 years old, Tawfiq Muhammad Musa 30 years old, Dogan Ahmed Suleiman 30 years old, Omar Murad, Hussein Ahmed Ali, Muhammad Mustafa Jarji, Mohiuddin Rashid Ibo 65 years old, Zakaria Sheikho 54 years old.
In the center of Rajo district, the Majd militia arrested the citizen (Shaheen Safar Sido, 45) from his home in the village of Kusa.
Also, Ismat Jano, 45, a resident of the village of Hibbu in the Maabatli district, was arrested while he was treating a patient from the village to Afrin with his car, and he was taken to an unknown location.
On October 3rd:
The (Ahrar al-Sham) militia arrested a man and his wife, after storming his house in the village of Jubana, affiliated to Jandersa district, and they are (Ismail Hamo bin Hassan, 38, Brevan Hassou) The wife was released to take care of her children, while the husband was transferred to an unknown location.
On November 5th:
Citizen (Farid Fawzi Hassan) was arrested by armed members of the Civil Police after they stormed his workplace, in an olive press in Jandersa district, and he is a resident of the village of Gojaman, which is the second time he was arrested. He was previously arrested on October 11, 2018 and released after paying Ransom.
On November 6th:
The arrest of the citizen (Badr Kotto) by the Military Police. He is from the village of Hammam in the Janders sub-district. He was arrested after raiding his house in the Al-Sinaa neighborhood in the sub-district, where he works in the electricity field.
In Rajo sub-district, Mustafa Colin Alo was arrested on his return from Afrin to his home in Dikah village at the checkpoint of Koukan village in the Maabatli district.
On November 7th:
The (Samarkand) militia stormed the village of Kafr Safra, in the district of Janders, and arrested 3 persons whom he knew (Abd al-Rahman Mustafa Ali). In the village of Kusa, the (Al-Majd) militia also arrested the 45-year-old citizen (Shaheen Safar Sido) at its checkpoint at the entrance to the village.
On November 8:
Armed men from the Sultan Muhammad Fateh faction, accompanied by members of the Military Police, launched a raid and search campaign in Baadina town of Rajo district, during which 6 people were arrested: Asaad Ibrahim Manan, Khalil Haydar Jaafar, Rustam Mustafa Kajj, Mustafa Muhammad Ibish, Ahmed Aref Ibish, Hassan Aref Osman.
On November 11:
The “Elite” faction operating within the Syrian National Army stormed the village of Omra in the Ma’abatli district in Afrin city, and they kidnapped 4 people and randomly searched homes. The arrested persons were: Ali Mustafa (30 years old), Hanan Ali Mustafa (32 years old), Mustafa Hanif Roto ( 29 years old), Hanif Ibrahim Rutu (57).
On November 12:
The (Al-Hamzat) faction launched a campaign of arrests in the village of Bakeh in the Bulbula district in Afrin, which affected 5 people: Ibrahim Muhammad Maho, 28, Khair al-Din Muhammad Shaykhmus, 31, and Muhammad Darwish, 70, ) Years old, Ahmed Muhammad Shaikhmous, (20) years old, Shiar Muhammad Shaikhmous (28) years old.
The family of the young Sherif Tamer Bitar (24 years old) also reported his disappearance while on his way to the city of Jarablus on the road to Maarat Misrin.

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