The Free Syrian National Army
Thieves in military uniform
First, two days ago, we discussed the kidnapping of four citizens from the village of Baadina in the Rajo sub-district on 11th, Feb 2020 by members of the civil police and taking them to the district center on charges of participating in military checkpoints (guard shifts) and dealing with the previous administration for the purpose of material extortion and ransom collection. They are the followings:
1- Omar Murad
2- Hussein Ahmad Ali
3- Salah Hanan Othman, nicknamed Centaur
4- Muhammad Mustafa Jerji
And in continuation to the previous kidnapping operation, on Sunday 08th, Nov 2020, the Civil Police kidnapped six other citizens with the same pretext and purpose, and they were:
5- Mustafa Muhammad Ibish
6- Ahmed Aref Ibish
7- Hassan Aref Othman
8- Rustum Mustafa Kajj
9- Asaad Ibrahim Manan
10- Khalil Haider Jaafar
Some of them were released after paying the ransom, estimated around 1,000 Turkish liras, under the name of fine, while both Ahmed Arif Ibish and Hasan Aref Osman were transferred to Afrin.
Second – Muhammad Najjar, a resident of the village of Matina in the Sharran district, was kidnapped on 02nd, Nov 2020 by members of the militia of Sultan Murad faction, and taken to the security headquarters, under the pretext of reaping olive fruits that belonged to his cousin, Khalil Najjar, who was forcibly displaced to Al-Shahba area, and he was released after two days and forced to pay a ransom of $ 1,300, in addition to plundering the entire crop.
Third – The security personnel of Sultan Murad faction, led by Abu Yazan in Sharan district – Khraibet Sharan, on Sunday, on 08th, Nov 2020, cut down 50 olive trees, including 30 olive trees belonging to the citizen Nadira Muhammad Abdo from the village of Khraibet Sharran And 20 olive trees from a resident of Matina village.
Fourth – On Friday 06th, Nov 2020, an unknown group of thieves stole a number of solar panels, a water pump, and a storage unit (battery), an agricultural tractor belonging to the citizen Khalil Hamid Hasan, nicknamed Abu Hamid, from the residents of Burj Abd alo village in Afrin.
Fifth – the armed elements of Ahrar al-Sharqiya faction, since early this month (Nov 2020), have been razing and digging up the soil at the site called “Saarenga Shaabu” located on the road leading from the town of Baadina to the centre of Rajo district, searching for treasures, using heavy machinery and trucks under the sight of the Turkish occupation forces and members of the local council of the sub-district “affiliated with the local administration” in the Syrian Interim Government and the Syrian National Coalition, without deterring them or holding them accountable in accordance with the laws and legislation issued by the Council of the local area, and append severe damage to the adjacent olive field.
Human Rights Organisation in Afrin
15th, Nov, 2020

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