Some of the practices of the Sultan Suleiman Shah al-Amshat faction led by Muhammad al-Jasim, nicknamed Abu Amsha, who controlled Shia district against the indigenous Kurds:
1- Seizing the gas station owned by the Cougars and investing it in favour of the Faction Leader.
2- Seizing the apple and pear trees belonging to the family of Sheikh Ismail Zada, and transforming it into a shelter and training centre for horses, noting that horses are currently scattered among olive fields and vineyards belonging to the indigenous inhabitants of the Kurds without being monitored.
3- Seizing the olive press belonging to the family of Sheikh Ismail Zada and turning it into a training centre for its armed militia members.
4- Seizing the shops located opposite the gas station owned by the Sheikh Murad family and using them in the interest of the faction leaders.
5- Seizing seven commercial stores for residents of the village in order to turn them into a supermarket or “Abu Amsha” mall.
In a previous event, after the entry of the Turkish occupation forces accompanied by armed militia members of the Syrian Interim Government and the Syrian National Coalition (March 2018), Shaheen Muslim Baghdadi, 60 years old, was kidnapped immediately once he arrived his hometown Shia on 15th/ 04/2018 by the militia members of Sultan Suleiman Shah Al-Amshat to be handed over to the Turkish forces on charges of compulsory service with the previous administration. He was transferred to Al-Ra’i prison and subjected to brutal beatings and torture for six months. As a result of the poor conditions in the prison, he was released after getting a contagious disease (tuberculosis _ scabies), he returned again to the town on 20/10/2018 and stayed for several hours at home, so that the armed militia members of the Sultan Suleiman Shah al-Amshat faction kidnapped him again on the same charge, demanding him to pay 4000 dollars in ransom in exchange for his release. By virtue of his inability to secure the required amount, and he refused to accept his offer of $ 2000, he was transferred to the main security headquarters in the village of Qarmatlaq of the Shia district, and he was beaten and tortured brutally for a month. Then Saif al-Din al-Jassim, the brother of Muhammad al-Jasim, nicknamed Abu Amsha, killed him with a pistol in the head, and buried him with a heavy vehicle. This testimony was given by one of the companions from the members of the faction called Zuhair Abu Abdo, who was also killed by Saif al-Din al-Jasim in the area between the villages of Kakhera and his senses (Mirkan) belonging to the Maabatli district. On the crimes that Abu Amsha committed against the indigenous population of the Kurds, his disgraceful actions and inhuman practices against his elements, and his ties to the networks of prostitution and drugs.

Human Rights Organisation in Afrin

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