Restitution of rights and grievances according to the laws of the Free Syrian National Army

First – The armed elements of the Sultan Suleiman Shah faction, Al-Amshat, who control the village of Garmatlak of the Shiye district, on Thursday, October 31, 2020, stole and looted household furniture, kitchen appliances and electrical appliances from the house of citizen Akash Bakr Akash by a truck in front of the forces’ eyes The Turkish occupation without holding them accountable or deterring them, will the Committee for the Restitution of Rights and Grievances work to return the stolen items or to spell words in front of the cameras and force the citizen to say that he is recovering his stolen items from the Free Syrian National Army?

Second – On Thursday, October 15, 2020, armed militia members of the Sham Legion who control the village of Dirbalut in Jenderes district seized olive fields belonging to a number of Kurdish citizens and harvested the crop for their personal benefit, and theft and looting operations are still continuing. Continuing until today, and we have received the names of a number of citizens whose crops were stolen:
1 – Rashid Alloush.
2 _ Sheikh Muhammad Nour.
3 _ Muhammad Hamid Bakir.
4 _ Qazakli, Jamil Hassan.
5 _ Muhammad Manan Suleiman, nicknamed (Karakushti).
6 _ Omar Hanan Muslim, nicknamed (Haro).

Third – We had previously referred to the imposition of the Hamzat militia controlling the village of Maaratah, which belongs to the city center of Afrin, to pay tribute to the people of the village from the 1,800 tanks of oil and 150 tins per press, but the people suffer from robbery and robbery by force of arms as a second type of The royalty, especially by the so-called Hossam Abdullah, brother of Moataz Abdullah, the leader of the faction, who stole the crops of the forcibly displaced citizens, and they are:
1- Citizen Fawzi Seedo, 60 Shawwal Zaitoun.
2- Citizen Ibrahim Sido 40 Shawwal Zaitoun.
3- Citizen Bakr Sido 30 Shawwal Zaitoun.
As for the citizens present in the village, he stole the crops of:
4- Citizen Mustafa Al-Ayoubi, 15 Shawwal Zaitoun.
5- Citizen Ali Battal, 15 Shawwal Zaitoun.
6 _ Citizen Nazliya, wife of Ihssan Abdullah, who plundered and robbed her crop, estimated at 60 sacks of olives, in front of her eyes by force of arms.

Human Rights Organization in Afrin

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