1 _ The armed elements of Al-Mu’tasim faction in control of the village of Badnli in the Rajo district, on Thursday 22/10/2020, kidnapped the 19-year-old Masoud Ali Kilo, without mentioning the reasons, for the purpose of material extortion and the collection of ransoms in exchange for his release, and his fate is still unknown until right Now .

2- Armed militia members affiliated with the Hamzat faction, led by Hossam Abdullah, the brother of Moataz Abdullah, who control the village of Maraate in Afrin city center and the surrounding villages (Kfardalia Underside Kfardala above- Kazeya – Kfar Shilya – Bubblit) to impose a royalty in exchange for allowing the people to harvest The olives and the seizure of the crops of others who are not in their villages, accused of dealing with the previous administration to harvest their crops, as well as stealing and plundering the crop in the surrounding fields belonging to the citizens in the area. A tax was imposed on the people of the village of Maratah alone, with 1800 oil tanks, and each pressed with 150 oil tanks, and the percentages differ from one village to another, and for fear of his brother’s treachery and theft, so-called Moataz Abdullah – the leader of the faction – who is currently in Azerbaijan, By delegating the invitees (Abu Diab – Radwan Abu Ali) to agents to collect, register and inventory taxes according to records kept until his return.
On the other hand, chaos prevailed in front of the mill due to the random flow of olive sacks due to theft, as well as damage to some of the machines used in the pressing process (the presser – the separator – the basin) and their inability to provide the necessary spare parts and repair them, which leads to fruit damage due to the delay in Its era.

3 _ The armed elements of the Sultan Suleiman Shah faction, led by Muhammad al-Jasim, nicknamed Abu Amsha, imposed on Friday October 23, 2020, the citizen Kamiran Ibrahim Ramadan, nicknamed (Ramy) from the people of the town of Shih, an amount of 7,000 US dollars due to his harvesting of crops 2500 olive trees he owns and accusing him of owning only 1000 trees and the rest for his brother, who is displaced, knowing that the citizen Cameran had to pay a ransom of 100 thousand Syrian pounds and a sum of 4000 dollars when he returned to his village and restored his house and a third sum of 5000 dollars On 07/07/2019 when they saw a tractor in his warehouse.
On the other hand, they imposed on the citizen Jamil Sido Habash $ 2,500, due to the investment and management of the property of the citizen Hussein Tata, nicknamed (Kali Nahath), who was forcibly displaced and detained in al-Shahba area.

Human Rights Organization in Afrin

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