An urgent relief call from humanitarian, human rights and civil organisations regarding the abducted and forcibly detained women in the prisons of the Turkish occupation and its affiliated Syrian armed factions in the Syrian region of Afrin.
The violations and crimes committed against women in Afrin are continuing and are constantly increasing day by day, as the latest statistics have reached the number of kidnapped and forcibly disappeared women in the prisons of the Turkish occupation and the Syrian armed factions affiliated to it, to more than (1000) kidnapped. Some of them were released in exchange for certain ransoms by the armed factions and material fines by the Turkish occupation courts. Until now, the fate of more than 400 kidnapped people remains unknown, especially those women who recently appeared in the prisons of Hamzat, who were found after clashes between the aforementioned faction and armed elements from Ghouta. After that they were handed over to the Military Police faction, who in turn returned them to the Hamzat faction ,despite the meeting of the kidnapped women’ families with the Turkish governor in order to release them, but nothing has been achieved on the ground. In addition to the visits of some of their families in Maaratah prison in Afrin city conveying the image of the sufferings they face and asking their families to take them out due to the ill-treatment they get in the prison. What makes the matter even worse is that the families of the kidnapped women are forbidden to ask about their kidnappers, which portends an unknown and bad fate for those abducted and arbitrarily detained.
We, as humanitarian, human rights and civil organisations, appeal to all international human rights and civil organisations working in the field of human rights in general and women rights in particular to move immediately and forcefully in accordance with the dictates of international and humanitarian laws, charters and covenants, to pressure the Turkish state to reveal the fate of kidnapped women, who are forcibly detained wherever they are, whether in their prisons or prisons of the armed factions affiliated to it, conducting fair trials, holding perpetrators of war crimes and crimes against humanity accountable, protecting civilians remaining in Afrin, withdrawing all Turkish forces and their armed factions, securing the safe return of all forcibly displaced people to their area, and securing everything necessary for their safety and stability.

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