Since early this month (October 2020), the armed elements of the Sham Legion, who are in control of the town of Medan Akbis in the Rajo district, have stolen the olive harvest for more than 6,200 trees belonging to a number of townspeople under the direction of the Turkish occupation forces and in coordination and collusion between the so-called Muhammad Fadel Qarah Baik – the head of the local council of the sub-district – and the so-called Major Hisham Al-Homsi (leader of the so-called Sham Legion faction), and they are all of:
1 _ Ali Hassan, mayor of the town, with 600 olive trees
2 _ Ahmad Musa Bakr, 600 olive trees
3- Muhammad Musa Bakr, 500 olive trees
4- Sheikh Muhammad Othman, 100 olive trees
5- Ra’fat Sheikh Othman Agha r 1,000 olive trees
6 _ Shawqi Sheikh Othman Agha, 1000 olive trees
7 _ Salah Haj Muhammad, 700 olive trees
8- Salwa Rasheed, 400 olive trees
9 _ Muhammad Mustafa Heno 300 olive trees

On the other hand, the members of the Sham Legion militia harvested the crop of 1000 olive trees located in Wadi Yashleh (Maidan Akbis), and then cut the trees and made them firewood for sale belonging to each of the citizens:
10 _ Adnan Rasho
11 _ Muhammad Bilal
And for your information, the so-called Fadel Qarah Beg made agreements similar to previous years with the leaders of the armed militias and their elements controlling the villages of the sub-district, and the appointment of delegates for him (Hasasdar) in each village to share the harvest stolen from the farmers.

Second: Sharran sub-district
1 _ Armed militia members (the Sultan Murad faction) and settlers seized and stole the olive harvest for about 1,000 trees belonging to the citizen Milad Jalousi bin Jamil from the village of Khraibet Sharan, and the Free Syrian National Army, on Sunday October 18, 2020, carried out a robbery Armed with olive sacks in front of the press, owned by the elderly Muhammad Aslan, from the town of Sharran.

2 _ As for the village of Saarengika, a number of militants affiliated with the name “Falcons of the North” carried out an armed robbery on Sunday 10/18/2020 and looted a number of fertilizer bags, the number of which is estimated at about (20-25) bags, which were sponsored by one of the charitable organizations. To distribute it free of charge to farmers.

Human Rights Organization in Afrin

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