Brotherhood gunmen continue to defraud the families of a detained Kurdish woman … and receive huge sums without being released.
The Kurdish woman “Mawlida Numan” is still languishing in the notorious Shepherd prison in northwestern Syria, while the militants exploit the kidnapping of the elderly woman and demand money from her family for her release, but without her release.
The “Afrin Post” had published a news on the 21st of last July, according to which the Kurdish elderly woman, born in Numan, 62 years old, was suffering at the place of her kidnapping in Al-Ra’i prison since April 2019, after the militants kidnapped her by the “Hamza Division” militia of the Turkish occupation and the Brotherhood Al-Muslim, from her village, “Bouzikieh,” in the Janders” district in the southern countryside of Afrin.
The elderly woman suffers from diabetes, stress and heart disease, without the basic necessities of health care available in al-Rahi prison.
A relative of Molida spoke to the “Afrin Post”, and said that she is still imprisoned until now in the notorious Shepherd prison, which houses more than 1,000 Afrin Kurdish detainees, according to a source released from the prison.
The relative indicated that armed men from all militias come to the family, promising to release Moulida if they pay a sum of money, and said that the family paid more than a million SYP to the militants without releasing the Kurdish woman.
In turn, the source, who came out of the same prison, said that living conditions in the latter (Al-Raai prison) are very difficult, and that there is torture and insults on the detainees on a daily basis, as this prison is classified as the darkest prisons in the Turkish occupation areas in northwestern Syria.

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