Zahra Hashemi who has arrested at fage 19, and has been in prison for 7 years is going to be executed tomorrow.

In her last phone contact with her mother she said good by and told her that soon she would be free from all pain and suffering she has endured in the last 7 years. She has been transferred to the solitary cells in the Rajaei Shahr prison in Karaj. Her crime is killing her perpetrator in self defence. 

Zahra, an interior designer was employed by a Doctor to design his work place 7 years ago. However, after arrival to the work site she wa locked up by the employer who was requesting sexual favours. Zahra refused to surrender to his filthy desire. The perpetrator attempted to rape her by force, but he was killed by Zahra in an action of self defence.

Later it was revealed that the perpetrator was a security force personnel who had a longstanding interest in Zahra; and the story of designing his office was a false fabricated story to trap and rape Zahra. Considering the the political status and the connection of the perpetrator to the security police, and immense corruption and nepotism in the The Judiciary System of Iran, court has ignored the fact of self defence in Zahr’s case and sentenced her to death. The most tragic part of the story is that Zahra is still a virgin and according to the Islamic law a virgins will go straight to heaven even if excuted, therefore it is expectable that she will be formally raped by her executors before the execution, something that has happened on numerous reported political cases in the past.

On basis of international law, including Australia, rape constitutes a serious crime and receive a harsh penalty, but it seems in Iran women, the victims should pay the price of defending their dignity by their life. 

It is not the first case and would not be the last. Previously another woman, Reyhane Jabari was excuted with a similar case. 

Zahra may have less than hours to live and need your support and help. I, as an Iranian social and political activist raise my voice against this unfairness and ask you to help me to stand injustice, especially against women in a male dominated society and say NO to the execution of Zahra. 

Please share this petition and let’s tell Zahra and any other woman who has been a target of abuse that they are not left aline

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