in the center of the occupied Kurdish region, yesterday afternoon, Tuesday, hundreds of armed men from the“ Hamza Division ”militia affiliated with the Turkish occupation and the Muslim Brotherhood organization gathered in the village of Marathe (3 km west of Afrin) and set off by buses towards the city of Azaz, in preparation. To take them to Azerbaijan.
The reporter explained that the number of “gunmen hired killers” who set off from the village of “Marathe alone ranged between 300 – 400 armed men, adding that the gunmen wore civilian clothes.
In a related context, the correspondent of “Afrin Post” in the district center said that the Turkish intelligence has opened a new office to register the names of those wishing to volunteer in the ranks of the “Libyan Free Police” militia of the government of Fayez al-Sarraj and the Brotherhood, explaining that the office is located in the vicinity of Avrin Hospital (Al-Shifa now) , Downtown.
The correspondent added that the office is witnessing a great turnout, as long queues have been monitored, stressing that the number of volunteers until yesterday, Tuesday, reached 460 armed men.
Yesterday morning, a batch of militants of the “Hamza Division” militia affiliated with the Turkish occupation and the Muslim Brotherhood organization set off from its headquarters in the center of the occupied Afrin region in northern Syria, towards the assembly center in the city of Marea, in preparation for sending them to Azerbaijan.
The “Afrin Post” correspondent added that on Monday, a batch of armed men (65 gunmen / hired killers) left the headquarters of the leader in the “Jabbha AL_ shamiyeh” militia called “Malik al-Uso” located in the Ashrafieh neighborhood, and went to the city of Azaz in preparation for sending them to Within Turkish territory and then to Azerbaijan.
He added that another batch of the “Hamza Division” militia left the militia’s headquarters in the Agricultural Bank in Mahmudiyah neighborhood, in addition to another batch of the “Samarkand Brigade” militia that came from the “Janderis side and headed towards the city of Azaz, as well as a batch exited from the headquarters of the invited “Nidal Al-Bayanouni” near al-Hal.shoping
At a time when it was known during the rule of its sons within the system of “self-management” for its spread of peace and brotherhood among the Syrian peoples, in addition to its prominent economic and cultural role, news about Afrin after the Turkish occupation and the Muslim Brotherhood organization were no longer linked to the spread of extremism and terrorism in The world, towards Libya, Azerbaijan, Yemen, Cyprus and others, in a clear contrast between the reality of Afrin and its peaceful Kurdish indigenous people calling for safe and decent living, and the reality of those who occupy it today in terms of extremism, hatred and service to the rogue Ottoman agendas.
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