Despite the security campaign that the Turkish government claimed to carry out to fight corruption and terrorism, but it turned out to be against the indigenous Kurds in the region with the aim of spreading terror and fear in them and intimidating them to think about leaving, And unleashing the hand of armed militia elements loyal to it and affiliated with the Syrian Interim Government and the Syrian National Coalition to commit more crimes in front of their military forces without deterring them or holding them accountable in accordance with international laws binding on the occupation of the lands of another sovereign state.
1 _ On Saturday 09/19/2020, one of the armed elements, affiliated with the Syrian National Army from the 9th Division, fired randomly in the center of Afrin city, “Villas Street,” at eleven o’clock noon on near Faisal Qaddour School, wounding the child Youssef Othman, about 2 years old, lost his life in the arms of his father while riding a motorcycle. And there is a video from the surveillance cameras, without any action taken against the component by the leaders of the Syrian National Army or the Turkish forces.
A strong explosion was also heard on Saturday, 09/19/2020 near Mount Bersaya, near the villages of Qastal Jindo – Dikmadash, without knowing the causes yet.
2- The Military Police, accompanied by armed militia members, on Saturday 19/9/2020 kidnapped a citizen Aufa Seedo, 55, from the village of Kura, in the district of Jenderes – residing in the Mahmudiyah neighborhood in Afrin, during her visit to her daughter in the village, without mentioning the reasons and taking her To an unknown destination without knowing its fate until now.
3- On Thursday 17/09/2020, the Military Police in Afrin city center kidnapped the citizen Hussein Rashid Sheikho from the village of Qutan in the Bulbul sub-district, who works as a pump driver in Afrin, without mentioning the reasons, and took him to an unknown destination without knowing his fate until right Now .
4- Within the framework of the physical liquidations between armed militia members loyal to the Turkish occupation government over the theft of Kurdish property and seizing their agricultural lands to harvest crops, unidentified armed elements planted an explosive device under a military vehicle parked in front of the mosque in the town of Bulbul, believed to belong to the elite faction controlling a number of From the villages of the sub-district on Friday, 09/18/2020, while the worshipers entered, and detonated it after the return of its members, which led to the killing of one and the wounding of one member and the wounding of various and serious injuries to another member. They were transferred to the health center to receive treatment in complete confidentiality from Armed militia leaders.
Human Rights Organization in Afrin

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