The hand of criminals and mafia gangs represented by armed militia leaders and symbols of administrative corruption once again messed up the city of Zaytoun – the city of peace “Afrin -and shaken it with a violent terrorist explosion through a truck carrying building materials, booby-trapped at about 5:30 a.m. on Monday 14 / 09/2020 within the framework of settling personal accounts, which have their roots in previous terrorist bombings and related to the arrest of a number of administrative corruption symbols as a result of slandering from other gangs, which may be completed in the coming days to include other symbols, with the aim of acquiring administrative corruption by legal means and Imposing taxes and qualitative financial fines, receiving bribes or smuggling people and drugs, and appropriating commercial enterprises and public and private establishments. Without paying attention to the lives of the citizens in general and passers-by in particular, the owners of homes and shops nearby, and the explosion coincided with the explosion at the peak of the citizens’ return to their homes in front of the entrance to the security headquarters of the Levant Front faction led by “Abu Suleiman” at the site between the Kawa roundabout and the station Buses. Note that there was another car bomb in the customs yard, “road Tarinda”, which had not been detonated and smuggled into another road.
This terrorist bombing, as a preliminary result, led to the loss of eleven citizens their lives and the injury of nearly 40 citizens, in addition to severe material damage to cars, and the shattering of doors and windows of homes and shops, reaching inside the industrial zone, and the scattering of shrapnel about 300 meters away. . As for the death toll and injuries announced by the Civil Defense Directorate and the Health Sector in Afrin, they are:
List of victims
1- Muhammad Idawi
2- Ahmed Mashkou
3- Dr. Ammar Sheikh Ahmad
4- Marwan Hajj Bakri
5- Mustafa Muhammad Ramadan
6- Muhammad Zaitouni
7- Ahmed Maratah
8- Ahmed Ismail Al-Omar
And three people are still unidentified …
in addition to 37 injured
Human Rights Organization in Afrin

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