1_ Theft and robbery.
2_ Robbery and armed robbery.
3_ People smuggling.
4_ Drugs.
5_ Prostitution.
6_ kidnapping.
7_ Murder.

First – With the beginning of the month of September of each year, the theft, plunder, and seizure of the olive harvest begins and does not stop until the season ends at the end of the first month of the new year. A week ago, the “Free Syrian National Army” machine of the Free Syrian Interim Government and the Syrian National Coalition began to accelerate the preparation of granting plans to tighten the screws on the Kurdish people and steal their olive fruits, in addition to what settlers and displaced people stole from the camps of Azaz. From this point of view, the people of the villages near the city of Azaz chase the thieves between their fields and expel them while they cannot approach the armed robbers who are riding in cars and military vehicles from the armed factions (Asift AL Shamal – Ahrar al-Sham – AL Kabha AL Shamiye – Sultan Murad) who control the nearby villages From the region of Azaz (Qastal Jundu – Yazi Bagh – Dikmadash – Arab Wiran – Feerkana – Umaru – Pavlon – Qatma – Kafarjana) and approve the Qastal Jundu – Yazi Bagh – Dikmdash – main road to transport the stolen items with confidence.
Whereas the leaders of the armed militias controlling the villages of the Bulbul sub-district (Suqur al-Shamal – AL Nakhbd – Sultan Murad) divide the fields between each other into sectors
And the pledge not to encroach and steal from the other sector (called Abu Talal, leader of the North Falcons faction, his sector includes the fields of the people in each of the following villages: Shekhorze – Bailan – Qastal Miqdad – the plain of the village of Qarata). In other sectors, they have been trying, for a week, to deploy their elements to the borders of the fields to prevent Kurdish citizens from harvesting olives, as well as to prevent thieving settlers from stealing, noting that Kurdish citizens, residents of the villages surrounding the center of Bulbul district, protested more than once before the responsible authorities and expressed their resentment over The actions of settler thieves and the laws that the leaders of the so-called “Free Syrian National Army” will impose on them, and steal the sweat of their brow and labor throughout the year. On the other hand, the leaders of the Sham Legion, Ahrar al-Sharqiya and the Hamzat ten days ago, who were controlling Rajo district, began to take measures and preparations.
The necessary workers and tractors to rob, steal and loot the season, in coordination with administrative officials in relief organizations, as well as military and civilian police personnel, who are concerned with pursuing human traffickers who smuggle ISIS and drugs, and instead of their direction to maintain security and stability.

Second – The young Furat Mahmoud Ibrahim, 26 years old (recently married less than a month), from the village of Hassan Dera, in the Bulbul district, was kidnapped on March 29, 2018, by armed militia members at the Taranda village checkpoint while he was returning from a village in Sherawa in Jebel Liloun on charges of serving Compulsory Asayish and taking him to an unknown destination without knowing his fate to this day. One of the previously kidnapped citizens reported that he had seen him in Al-Ra’i prison and then in Sajoo prison in the city of Azaz, which was run by the Ahrar al-Sham faction.

Third – The young Howker Zakaria Ibrahim Sheikho lost his mother, Zalloukh Muhammad Sheikho, 28 years old (married with two children) from the village of Durakli in the Sharran district on 01/28/2018, after the Turkish invasion of Afrin and the start of the battle in Bersaya Mountain near my village (Yazi Bagh) Dikmdash) spent eight days and sent a message to his family that he was in danger due to injury. And his fate is still unknown to this day. Note that he joined compulsory service on 01/12/2017 and underwent the military course for a period of 45 days.
Human Rights Organization in Afrin

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