On Sunday morning 08/30/2020, raided the village of Jolaga in the district of Jenderes and kidnapped a number of the villagers, including the elderly, on charges and flimsy arguments as usual, dealing with the previous self-administration and compulsory service (the administration that kept the official records of every citizen who passed their offices and left them behind during the escape) and took them to the centre of Maabatli district without knowing their fate until now, for the purpose of material extortion and the collection of ransoms in exchange for their release, and they are::
1- Kamal Sheikho son of Muhammad Amr, 80 years old.
2- Abd al-Rahman Sido son of Khalil Amr, 80 years old.
3- Abd al-Rahman Rasho son of Muhammad Amr, 75 years old.
4- Rustum Rehana son of Ezzat Amr, 45 years old.
5- Hamza Rasho son of Ahmed Amr, 45 years old.
6- Ahmed Rasho son of Nabi Amr, 40 years old.
Knowing that, during the third security campaign in the past two months, Turkish intelligence and military police have kidnapped more than 15 residents of the village, some of whom were released after being forced to pay the ransom.
Second; a group of Turkish intelligence agents, escorting the security forces of the Syrian National Army, on Saturday 8 am on August 29 2020 kidnapped Salah Primo (married with three children) from the residents of the village of Goran in Rajo district after they raided his house and searched it thoroughly usingtrained police dogs and drove him to Raju police station without mentioning the reasons, and his fate is still unknown until now.
Third; the Turkish intelligence, accompanied by the security personnel of the Sultan Suleiman Shah al-Amshat faction, on Saturday 15/08/2020 kidnapped a number of residents of the village of Mastakan (Mastakan) of the Shia district and took them to the security headquarters in the district center on charges of dealing with the previous administration and compulsory service. They are:
1 _ Assad Alo.
2 _ Malchin Alo.
3 _ Abdo Muhammad.
4 _ Muhammad Hesso.
They were released after they were transferred to Jenderes Court, and their situation was settled by paying the ransom (bail), which ranged between 1,200-2,000 Turkish liras.
Note: Fines are imposed in Turkish lira in the courts and administrative departments of the Ministry of Justice in the “free” Syrian interim government.
Fourth; on Wednesday 05/08/2020, Turkish intelligence, accompanied by military police officers, kidnapped Riad Hasan Hamo, 33, from the village of Mosako in Rajo district, from his home in Raju district centre, on charges of dealing with the previous administration. Later, he was released after paying the ransom (bail), knowing that he was an employee of the Syrian government (the regime).
Fifth; after the Turkish occupation forces entered the Afrin region, they unleashed the elements of the armed militias loyal to it, which are affiliated with the “Free Syrian National Army” of the Ministry of Defence in the Syrian Interim Government and the Syrian National Coalition, from looting, theft, indiscriminate kidnapping and killing. Among them are the so-called Hamzat militia led by Moataz Muhammad Abdullah who took control of several villages near the centre of Afrin, including the village of Darkir in the Ma’abatli district, so called Mu’taz Muhammad Abdullah accompanied one of his members (Abu Ubaidah) and others from the village on the morning of Wednesday, 09/05/2018, on the kidnapping of the young man, Muhammad Omar son of Mustafa, about 25 years old (blind), without charging him, just for being Kurdish, and taking him to an unknown destination without knowing his fate.
Recently, we learned of his presence in Maaratah prison through one of the sons of the Arab component, who was released from prison a short time ago, after they were together in Al-Ra’i prison, and after that Sejo prison.
Sixth; during the past months, armed militia members affiliated with the “Free Syrian National Army” vandalized and destroyed the graves and the building of the mosque in “Hanan” located near the village of Mashala in the Sharran sub-district, and stole the contents thereof from the carpets remaining from the remnants of the previous stolen And emptying its yard from the equipment and the existing tools, electrical wires and water pipes, and demolishing graves, especially with the name of the deceased, his date of birth and death recorded in the Kurdish language, and some symbols indicating the nationalism of the Kurdish people.
Human Rights Organisation in Afrin

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