and kidnapped a number of citizens on false charges in order to material extortion and collect ransom, and took them to an unknown destination without knowing their fate until now.
They are:
1- Subhi Juman Sido
2- Walid Juman
3- Ahmed Zaki Ibish
4- Ahmed Alou
5- Hamoudi Nuri Jaafar
6- Yasmine Ibrahim Abdo
They were released on Tuesday 25/08/2020.
Second ; on the same day 23rd/08/2020, Al-Sharqiya faction in control of the village Aghila of Jenderes district, kidnapped Khalil bin Muhammad Ali Ibrahim, 21-year-old, nicknamed the Najjar family, on charges of dealing with the previous administration and compulsory service and took him to an unknown destination Without knowing his fate yet.
Third; the armed elements of the Al-Waqqas Brigade “the Free Syrian National Army” affiliated with the Ministry of Defence in the Syrian Interim Government and the Syrian National Coalition, who took control of the village of Sinnara in the Shia district, on Monday 24th, 8, 2020, raided the house of Abdullah Hussein Mustafa Agha and Assaulted him for the purpose of armed robbery and theft stealing money and some household items of small size and light weight.

Human Rights Organisation in Afrin

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