On Thursday 20/08/2020, the Military Police in Jenderes district kidnapped the citizen Omar Muhammad Jamil Rasho, a resident of Ramadhanli village, residing in the district center – Yelangoza village street near Shaban pharmacy, due to his refusal to install curtains in their headquarters without getting a fee the work . And taken to the headquarters without knowing his fate until now.
2- The armed elements of the Sham Legion who are controlling the village of Douraqli of the Sharran sub-district informed the people of the village and its mayor on Monday 17/08/2020 to guarantee the olive fields and vineyards located on the east of the main road, owned by the indigenous Kurds in the village Which is estimated at about 22-25 thousand olive trees and more than 30 vineyards for grapes, including walnut and almond trees for their personal benefit, without the knowledge of the guarantor, and it is a pretext for the purpose of seizing and plundering the property and crops of the people.
3- The people of the villages of the seven fields (Raju district) appealed to the responsible authorities in the district local council to work to secure adequate and edible bread because the flour material that reaches the bakeries is expired and unfit for human consumption contains insects and bacteria, and yet it is used in bakeries. Under the state of stagnation, chaos, corruption, and lack of control over the product _ the bread _ which appears in the image.
4- The people of Homs from the armed militias and settlers moved the clock – the Karaji clock – from the yard of their governorate to the square of the village of Kojaman in the district of Jenderes in order to restore their glories, but the clock mast is shorter than it was in their governorate. Note that they created it with money and crops stolen from the homes and fields of Kurdish citizens.
Human Rights Organization in Afrin

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