A young guy from Afrin was killed and his guts were extracted. (Rudaw Digital)
On Wednesday 5th August 2020, the human rights organisation in Afrin reported the killing of 15-year-old Kurdish guy Khalil Nihad Sheikho, by Turkish gendarmes at the borders in Sharran region of Afrin, Syria.
A family member told Rudaw Media Network that the belly of the young boy, Khalil Nihad Sheikho, was torn, and several of his organs were removed.
It is worth mentioning that Khalil Nihad Sheikho, a kurdish resident of Fergan village affiliated to Afrin in Kurdistan Syria, was targeted on the 3rd of this month by Turkish gendarmes on the border between Kurdistan Turkey and Syrian Kurdistan.
A member of the aforementioned boy’s family, who requested anonymity for security reasons and for the safety of his family in Afrin, told Rudaw Media Network that Khalil Nihad Sheikho was killed by Turkish gendarmes in Afrin when he and five others tried to cross the border.
The gendarmes returned the body of the Kurdish boy to his family in Deluca, Kurdistan Syria, after killing him with his stomach opened and parts of his guts removed.
The same source stated that when the young boy was handed over to his family, they were threatened and told not ask the reason of his death.
According to the human rights organisation in Afrin, when Khalil Sheikho was trying to cross the border near one of the villages of Sharran district, Turkish gendarmes shot him and killed him.
The British Human Rights Organisation Ceasefire, in cooperation with YASA, a Kurdish legal research and advisory organisation, published a report on the situation in Afrin after the Turkish operation in the region.
The report mentioned that the kidnapping and torture of Kurds in Afrin are still continuing, adding that 47 new cases were recorded showing the kidnapping, torture and killing of the Kurds by various armed factions of the opposition fighters.
The report shows that 200 thousand people used to live in Afrin, 92% of them were Kurds. However, 137,000 people fled the city during the Turkish attack.
Afrin has been under the control of the Turkish army and armed factions since March 18, 2018. Most of its residents were displaced due to the Turkish attacks, after Turkish forces and allied factions took control of the city centre on March 18.
Since its entry into Afrin until now, a lot of information has been received from the cities and villages surrounding it, according to which the Kurd have been subjected to abuse, kidnapping and killin

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