She was kidnapped with her 3-year-old daughter by armed factions loyal to Turkey, and subjected to various types of torture for a year, and she was able to leave after paying a large ransom.
In 2019, the Turkish intelligence services, along with members of the “Military Police”, kidnapped the wife of the citizen (W_M) called (A_A) and her three-year-old daughter, and they were taken to one of their prisons (the former trade school) in Afrin. On June 23, 2019, a 27-year-old female citizen, AA, was kidnapped with her young daughter from her home in Afrin, and they were taken to the Military Police Branch, and a year later, she managed to escape to Al-Shahbaa district in Aleppo countryside after being released under a financial ransom.

She says: (A_A) “I was kidnapped by the military police brutally, and I do not know the reason for my kidnapping, and when I arrived at the military police branch at the Trade School, they brutally beat me with water cannons, let alone the indecent and vulgar words, and whenever they hit me, they say You work with the YPG, and you give information about Afrin for them. (A_A) I touched on methods of investigation and torture of women during the investigation,“ The interrogator was asking me about how to deal with the YPG, and the information I send to them, I was answering that I did not work with anyone , And that I am a civilian who has nothing to do with anyone, who was blackmailing my three-year-old daughter, threatening her with death and giving her narcotic pills. ”One of them, nicknamed Abu Haidar, was teasing me to rape and posting videos if I had no information, in addition to killing my daughter, he was forcing me On watching how women were tortured with horrific methods like hitting and electric shock, and I was tortured with those methods too without mercy and compassion. ”
During her talk,( A_A) indicated that she had a nervous breakdown due to the scenes that she saw inside the branch as a result of the torture and treatment of the kidnappers as human beings. (A_A) noted, “After a month has passed, the cells of the branch are full of kidnapped women, the majority of them are Kurdish women, and other women, on false charges and arguments.”
“Many women inside the branch suffered a nervous breakdown, and they went crazy, in addition to various diseases due to the spread of dirt everywhere inside the branch and preventing its cleaning.
(A_A) emphasized that “some women, when they were exposed to diseases caused by needles, were injecting some women with them and narcotic pills to disclose things that they did not do.”

(A_A) added that “the abducted women included pregnant women who were born in prison, despite the lack of medical supplies, children’s clothing, or even infant formula.”
(A_A)) “There are a large number of women in prison who were sentenced to death, and a large number of women and men died under torture, including those who went crazy due to the electric shock.”
( A_A )and her daughter, TM, remained for nearly a year kidnapped in prison. After her father paid 17 million Syrian pounds, she left a financial ransom, in addition to paying 350 dollars and 800 dollars to the lawyer, and after her release from prison, (A.A). and her daughter and mother (M_A), who were also kidnapped for twenty days under the pretext of dealing with self-management , And her father to Al Shahba Province.

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