A source familiar from inside the city of Afrin informed us that the Turkish forces are ordering the Syrian National Army factions to arrest the Kurdish minors between the ages of fifteen and seventeen, forcibly removing them from the arms of their families and forcibly recruiting them among these factions, and then sending them fight in Libya.

This source confirmed that these minors do not agree to engage in military action and are not ready to carry weapons and fighting in Libya or elsewhere, and that they are deprived of the will and forced to do so. In this case, there is not originally any party that the families of minors can resort to and complain about to save their children and return them to their arms. In addition to their fear of being beaten, tortured and killed by members of the armed factions if they filed a complaint.

This Turkey has taken the step of recruiting minors to tighten the screws more and more on the Kurdish citizens who remain in the Afrin region and force them to flee and be displaced from it on the one hand. And to provide its military forces in Libya with more ⁰human elements to resolve the conflict in favor of the forces of the reconciliation government and Turkey’s implementation of its agendas in Libya on the other hand. Turkey can not in any way protest that it is not aware of the recruitment of minors, as it is the one who undertakes the training of all forces, including the forces that include minors, and who oversees the dispatches and transfers of these forces to the battle fronts in Libya.

We also point out that the recruitment of minors by Turkey and the factions of the Syrian National Army is a clear violation of human rights and this Convention on the Rights of the Child, in addition to that international law considers the use of children in wars directly or indirectly to be a war crime. Since the Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child states that “the parties shall take all feasible measures to prevent such recruitment and use, including the adoption of the necessary legal measures to prohibit and criminalize these practices,” we call on all relevant countries, organizations, and workers in the field of children’s rights to take all possible measures. Measures are necessary to prevent Turkey from recruiting children or using them in combat operations and criminalizing its actions, especially since Turkey itself signed in 2004 this Optional Protocol.

After the control of the Turkish forces and the Syrian National Army factions on the Afrin region on 3/18/2018 Indigenous people and the settlement of Arabs and Turkmen instead of them until the percentage of Kurds in this region decreased from 95% to a ratio not exceeding 20%.

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