June 27, 2020

Armed men from the pro-Turkish National Army factions stormed the village of Tal Akhdar in the western Tel Abyad countryside, north of Al-Raqqa province, and told the rest of its people that they have just days to leave it, or they would be arrested, including women, children, and the elderly.
A local source indicated that only 8 families out of 950 families did not leave the village and that the village had a population of approximately 3,200 people before the pro-Turkey factions took control of the city of Tal Abyad with Turkish support in October 2019, where only 32 people now live.
The factions had previously cut off the water and electricity to the village, as part of a scheme that pushed its residents to leave in the context of the demographic change plan and the displacement of the Kurds practiced by the Syrian opposition factions linked to the coalition.

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