The armed groups controlling the village of Kakhera, which is affiliated to Mu’batli district in Afrin, set up some tents out of the village in preparation for the expulsion of the original Kurdish residents of the village who live in the homes of their relatives with the owners’ permission, who are the real the owners of these houses, and by direct request from them in order to keep an eye on their homes and protect its assets from damage or theft.
These armed groups have warned these people to evacuate these houses without taking into account the will of the real owners, and without clemency for the conditions of these poor people who do not have their own homes to live in. they are from the village’s original inhabitants, and are being forced to live in these tents. On the other hand, allowing the displaced Arabs and Turkmen to take over these evacuated houses and reside in them instead. These measures are not related to securing housing for the displaced, as it is discrimination and injustice against the Kurds on the basis of race and ideology, tightening the noose around them, and forcing them to migrate and be displaced from their areas.
We point out that this step is very dangerous, and that these armed groups cannot take on their own initiatives, but rather these are plans prepared by the Turkish state, with direct orders from these groups to carry out, which is part of the resettlement process in the areas with the majority of Kurdish people.
Note that in 2019 The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced his project to resettle two million people in the safe area in northern Syria. The Turkish President has threatened the United States of America that if his project is not adopted, Turkey will implement it alone. The Turkish President’s project was interpreted at the time as a right that is intended to be invalid, and the goal is to bring about a radical demographic change in the Kurdish region. Therefore, this project and the plan was rejected by the relevant countries, especially the United States of America and the European countries.
We, in turn, warn the international community of the consequences implementing this scheme, which Turkey seeks to implement in the city of Afrin, and other areas with a predominantly Kurdish majority, executing its threat and promise, defying the will of the international community, and ignoring the international laws

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