Day after day, the Turkish occupation forces try to put pressure on the indigenous Kurds in the Afrin region, economic or social pressure.
They try to deprive them of relief aid, seize their agricultural crops homes and property, and tighten the noose around them by creating a state of chaos and security chaos through terrorist bombings, creating sedition and fuelling the conflict between the Arab-Kurdish components and feeding racism and chauvinism.
On the other hand, the armed militias loyal to the Turkish forces struggle over thefts, looting, and armed robbery that they carry out in order to liquidate each other after the noose grip on them by the funders to cut their salaries in order to increase their thefts and their violations against the Kurdish citizens.
1_The civilian police in the Bulbul district, under the direction of Turkish intelligence, are conducting the census process, whether for the indigenous population of Kurds or settlers. And they intend to register and number homes occupied by the Kurdish population under the “Owner” clause. As for settlers, they record and number the houses under the name of the person who is currently occupying without mentioning the word “taking over” or “tenants” and linking this census to the GBS program _ in Google.
2 _ The issue of securing drinking water for some of the villages affiliated to the Bulbul district (Qutan_Barkashh _ Khalilak Ushaghi) continues to occupy the minds of the people as a result of the suffering they face every period and the other due to administrative corruption, whether it is from the funding side or supervising the operation of the well located in the village of Qutan Who fed the three villages with drinking water. On the other hand, the military intervention by the armed militia elements of the Sultan Murad faction led by the so-called doctor controlling the village of Qutan on April 22, 2020, refusing to operate the water station under the supervision of the local council of the district, even though the Bhar Relief Society is financing in terms of expenses and fuel insurance. Therefore, the suffering continues until Monday 22/6/2020, when it was decided, by the deputy head of the local council, to operate the well for a period of 6 hours per day in each of the villages of Qutan _ Baraksha and for a period of 8 hours for the village of Khalilak Oshaghi (the president the local council in the city of Afrin and the minister of local administration in the Syrian Provisional Government _ Engineer Muhammad Saeed Suleiman) that each house pay a sum of 8000 Syrian pounds for a period of two months and 3000 Syrian pounds for the third month.
3 _ Groups of settlers in a number of villages belonging to Bulbul district, during the current week, stole the sumac crop on the fringes of fields and orchards belonging to the Kurdish citizens, on the pretext that sumac grows in the boundaries between the lands and sparse places, noting that it is not time to harvest yet.

Human Rights Organisation in Afrin

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