_ A number of masked gunmen, unidentified, on Monday, at 10:00 pm on 06/22/2020, kidnapped the citizen Muhammad Aliko son of Fawzi, 30 years old, from the people of the town of Mabatli, after threatening them and trying to storm his house and knocked on the door forcefully and took him to an unknown destination without knowing His fate so far, knowing that they only took cell phones belonging to him and his wife.
_ An unidentified settler in the village of Decamdash, located in the Sharan district, which is controlled by the Levant faction, on Sunday 21/06/2020, threw a sound bomb in front of the house of a Kurdish citizen located in the middle of the village, which led to chaos and a number of settlers gathered With their weapons, inquiring about the matter as a threat to their existence, except that they accused Khalil Anwar, a resident of the village entrance, who has a food store (,Small store)they raided his house, brutally assaulted him, injured him in the head, and transferred him to the Azaz City Hospital and treated him with several A pole in his head, and it was later revealed that the reason was revenge and commercial competition because a settler close to the deputy chief of staff in the Ministry of Defense of the Syrian Interim Government opened a place of obesity in the village.

Human Rights Organization in Afrin

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