1 _ The armed elements affiliated with the Shamia faction, led by the so-called Jumaa al-Jabali, known as Abu Ahmad (residing in the town of Mu’btli), who control the village of Aranda _ the Shieh district from 05/11/2019 until today, are still sweeping the soil in Tel Aranda in search of antiquities and He met using heavy vehicles from docks and bulldozers in front of the Turkish occupation forces, so that the hill was completely eradicated and made flat and damaging the surrounding olive fields, which are estimated at more than 500 olive trees between the blocks and others that remain under the soil (buried). This, and we have pointed out in its history to those ongoing operations until now. Likewise, the elements of the same faction (the Shamia Faction ) on 15/03/2020 carried out drilling operations at the site between the villages of Shetka _ Kakra, called “Beri Tal” in addition to digging and bulldozing the soil on 05/25/2020 at the site called Tal Zarafka .

2 _ The armed elements of the Jaysh al-Islam faction controlling the village of Kafr Farnah in the Sharan district, on Saturday 20/06/2020, kidnapped the citizen Jamil Manan Hamdouche and took him to an unknown destination. According to what was leaked, the aim was to seize the tractor he had in exchange for his release. Note that the tractor was previously owned by Jamil, a member of the same platoon, after it was stolen from the residents in exchange for a physical commercial deal.
On Sunday 21/06/2020, we learned of his release after seizing the tractor.

Human Rights Organization in Afrin

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