6 people were injured in an explosive device explosion in a car in Afrin city
June 20, 2020
An explosive device has exploded inside a pickup truck this evening Saturday 20 June 2020 in the city of Afrin, which is controlled by the Turkish armed forces and armed opposition groups in the Syrian National Army.
The explosion was close to the military police junction in Al-Villat Street, which is usually crowded with civilians at such times, leaving at least 6 people, including a child, injured.
The city of Afrin remained safe from the bombings until it was occupied by Turkish forces in March 2018 through a massive land and air attack that displaced two thirds of the population.
International reports accused Turkey and armed opposition groups of committing horrific human rights violations and war crimes in the attack on the city of Afrin and that these violations did not stop despite the passage of two and a half years of Turkey’s control of the city in light of the escalation of arrests, kidnappings, killings, torture, looting, and robbery.

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