The Turkish occupation state seeks to achieve0. To start with, Turkey displaced the Kurds from those areas, brought Arab and Turkmen families from different regions, resettled them in those areas, and prevented the displaced from returning to their homes. Turkey aims to obliterate the Kurdish identity by changing the names of public squares, schools, streets and villages to Turkish names and preventing learning in the Kurdish language and forcing the people to carry the Turkish identity and deal in the Turkish lira by pumping hundreds of thousands of Turkish lira into the banking offices under the pretext of the collapse of the value of the Syrian pound and raising the Turkish flag to all schools Official institutions and forcing educational institutions to include the Turkish language in their curricula besides Arabic. All these indications are that Turkey violates Syrian sovereignty and transcends international laws, conventions and customs, taking advantage of the conditions of war and interests to impose its military and economic occupation together in parts of northern Syria.

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