Accusations of the National Army of confiscating “wheat of the Syrians” and transfer it to Turkish territory
June 17, 2020..
Turkish factions in the cities of Tal Abyad and Ras al-Ain continue to source thousands of hectares planted with wheat and barley, and they harvest and transport them into the Turkish territories, especially for farmers who had to be displaced as a result of the Turkish attack and occupation of the two cities.
The residents and IDPs alike indicate that they are blackmailed and threatened by these groups as dozens of Turkish harvesters entered the two cities, cultivated crops without returning to their owners, and then imposed their marketing exclusively to them and forced the farmers to do so.
It is noticed daily, since the start of the wheat harvest season, that Turkish trucks loaded with grains are crossing from the Syrian island region in an open theft described for Syrian agricultural crops in the areas under the control of the Turkish armed forces. Where wheat and barley are transported from the city of Tel Abyad and the city of Ras Al-Ain to the Turkish side and then they unload this load in the warehouses of the Turkish Agricultural Crops Office in Chanli Urfa.
Engineer Rashad Ismail, the lands of his family in the village of Mutaklita in the countryside of Tal Abyad have been looted and seized, as harvesters from Turkey harvested the wheat season and transported it via trucks to inside Turkish territory, which is one of hundreds of similar cases, where their homes, all their properties and properties were also looted, The armed factions refuse the residents to return to their villages, where they had previously kidnapped and arrested those who returned, and he was released only after paying a ransom.

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