Islamic militias affiliated with the Turkish occupation and the Muslim Brotherhood organization continue to kidnap and hide hundreds of people from the occupied Kurdish Afrin region, since the first days of the Turkish invasion on January 20, 2018, and in those cases, the case of a husband and wife called Ahmed and Nadia.
Where the young couple, “Ahmed Rashid”, 23, from the village of “Bebaka”, which is affiliated to the “Bulbula / Bulbul” district, and “Nadia Hassan Suleiman / 20 years, from the people of the village” Qazilbasha “, which belongs to the same district, decided to return to the occupied Afrin after a period of time. Briefly from their marriage, we were able to get out of the Shahba areas to the city of Kobani, from which they headed to Manbej and entered from them to the Jarabulus region, which is under Turkish occupation.
However, the Turkish occupation militia kidnapped Ahmed’s husband on the road to Kafr Farnah – Afrin, which forced his wife, Nadia, to go to her uncle’s house, and to live there for a while, hoping that her husband would leave prison, but her uncle decided at that time to leave for Aleppo, which led her to join One of her friends is in her house, and an armed patrol raided the house and kidnapped Donia and the host family (a man and his wife).
The name “Nadia” appeared in a report for the human rights area in Afrin, and said that she was among the kidnappers who appeared in the video clip that leaked after the storming of the “Ahrar al-Sham” militia and “Army of Islam” to the headquarters of the “Hamza Squad” militia in the “former Asayish building”. .. Her fate and that of her husband, Ahmed Rashid, are still unknown.
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