The director of the Syrian Observatory: Turkey occupies an area of Syrian territory that exceeds the area of Lebanon, and it is estimated at more than 12 thousand km of fertile Syrian land located at the border with Turkey and the Iskenderun Brigade. Now there are about 13 thousand Turkish soldiers in Syria, including 10 thousand who were entered since the beginning of transporting mercenaries to Libya.
Erdogan has been introducing jihadi extremists to Syrian territory since late 2011, and I said back then that they would destroy the Syrian revolution and kill the dream of the Syrian people to reach a democratic state.
Turkey did not interfere in the war with ISIS except when the latter collapsed, and what happened was a Turkish-Russian agreement, for example handing over the eastern neighbourhoods of the city of Aleppo to the Syrian regime in exchange for control of the “Euphrates Shield” area, and handing over Eastern Ghouta in exchange for Turkish control over Afrin.

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