The Turkish authorities begin the trial of a “Syrian girl” who was kidnapped by the opposition gunmen under unfair and illegal conditions
June 2, 2020

The transfer of “Syrians” into “Turkish lands” to appear before its courts, without committing any crime on its lands or against its citizens or harming their property, and applying the laws of the Turkish state against them, is in violation of international laws and customs, and on the assumption that they have committed violations or crimes , The Syrian courts are the jurisdiction, not the Turkish.
Whereas the Turkish state is considered an occupying power – although it has not yet announced the state of the occupation – it should act in accordance with the obligations set forth in the four Geneva Conventions and its protocols of 1949, which prohibited the occupying state from the forced or mass transfer of protected persons or their exile from the occupied lands to the territory of a state Occupation or to the territories of any other country, occupied or not, whatever its motives (Article 49 of the Fourth Convention).
Despite dozens of invitations, statements and messages addressed to the United Nations and human rights organizations, the Turkish authorities continue to violate international law. The number of Syrians who transferred them to be tried in their own lands and in its courts exceeded 140 Syrians in addition to arresting 49 others in its territory under the pretext of their support for the SDF or self-management, which is the same argument Those who arrest armed opposition factions civilians in Afrin, Tal Abyad and Ras al-Ain and throw them in prison or release them after obtaining a financial ransom, which may sometimes amount to $ 20,000.
Cicek Kobani, who led them to be slaughtered, was being driven by Turkey to life imprisonment
On October 25, 2019, during the Turkish attack supported by pro-jihadi factions on the city of Tal Abyad and Ras al-Ain east of the Euphrates, Cicek was arrested by the faction (Legion of Glory / Nur al-Din al-Zanki), which is one of the factions that had allied with (Jabhat al-Nusra, the branch of al-Qaeda in Syria) In Aleppo and Idlib countryside, after her injury in a scene without the slightest elements of humanity, where a video clip showed a group of armed men, one of whom was carrying a “girl” who appeared to be infected and calling her in the Syrian accent: “p. Slaughter p. Slaughter”, in a scene that recalls what it was doing ISIS terrorist elements.
Suddenly, another voice comes out saying, “Treat her like a captive, she is a booty.”
As the injured girl screams against the pro-Ankara gunmen and says I am “Arab”, in an attempt to alleviate the pain of her fate, but to no avail.
The gunmen attacked the girl with disgraceful words, describing her as a “pig”, while one of them was screaming “Al-Dabbah”, in a clear indication of the gunmen’s intention to kill her, amid laughter. The gunmen repeat in the video the phrase “Rojava”, which refers to self-administration, and the girl appeared in the video other than Able to speak Arabic, while the militants were trying to communicate with her.
After verification, it became clear that the faction involved in this crime was from the “Legion of Glory”, which is one of the fighting groups under the leadership of Turkey, where another image of dozens of the faction members, including their leader called (Yasser Abdel Rahim), picked up Tasilfi “with the captive girl, and they surrounded it. She was bleeding and groaning in pain and fear, and members of the faction previously posted a video distorting the body of a Kurdish fighter, on October 21, 2019.
The girl, whose name is “Chichek Bahar”, the real name (Doz Timo), was born in the city of Kobani in 1997, was a volunteer within the ranks of the Syrian Democratic Forces, with “humanitarian” missions, where the aforementioned faction launched an attack on the village of Musharrafah in Ain Issa to be injured, and a prisoner fell in their hand.
The commander of the Glory Corps faction was forced to apologize, after the video spread, and his picture with the fighter in a campaign that was widely condemned, to show the injured girl Cicek a week later in a hospital in the Turkish city of Urfa, handcuffed.

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