The state of massacres and skulls … from Mardin to Afrin
Dr. Azad Ahmed Ali
It was accidentally revealed that a group of Syrian Hamzas supported by the government of Turkey imprisoned and stripped a number of women in a prison in the city of Afrin, the incident confirming the occurrence of many shameful practices such as rape, kidnapping and assassinations, through thefts and imposing royalties on the Kurdish citizens of the villages of the city of Afrin.  The expulsion of groups affiliated with the Syrian opposition to expose Syrian women and detainees without the slightest legal argument in the prisons of the Syrian opposition coalition and its national army, will cause large segments of the Syrians to head towards the height of the collision.  To coincide with this planned Turkish crime, a cave was unearthed in the town of Dargachette of the city of Mardin, in which forty skeletons and human skulls were found, numbering about (40)  skulls, which is the result of one of the massacres of the Turkish government against Kurdish civilians, dating back to a year  1990, it is one of hundreds of massacres and assassinations of Kurdish and Armenian civilians, activists, and human rights workers during the years 1980-2000. At the moment that separates the discovery of the remains of the massacre in Mardin and the disgraceful event of Erdogan’s followers in Afrin, Turkish government aircraft bombed safe villages in the district of Derlock in  Behdinan and killed a number of civilians from the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.  Several days before these three events, Turkish border guard soldiers shot a citizen working in his field near the border wall in the historic village of Derun in the Alyan region in the far northeast of Syria, prompting US and Russian forces to conduct a joint patrol to verify the circumstances of the criminal incident, which caused the killing  An unarmed farmer working inside his land.  Turkey appears to be continuing to destroy and sabotage the Kurdish areas.  And in the practice of the killings inherent in its political culture.
  The influence of the state’s policies and some Turkish parties has increased on Turkish society. Before we finished this article, the media reported that a group of fanatic Turkish youths stabbed a Kurdish youth named Baresh – (meaning in Turkish language ” peace”) – with knives in his heart  And they killed him, on the pretext that he was listening to a Kurdish song, and this is a new and dangerous indication that the hatred and racism produced by the Turkish government has elicited societal situations and translated into actions that may lead to open civil war.
    All political forces and noble personalities are called to work together to deter this danger and increased aggression.  On this occasion, it is necessary to seek to alert NATO and supporters of Turkish politics, such as the government of Germany, that they are partners in the killings and spread of enmity in the Middle Eastern societies, unless they have a clear and frank stand against the new Turkish-Mongol aggression and arrogance.
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