A sensation was raised after 11 Kurdish women were found inside a secret prison for the “Hamza Brigade” faction in the city of Afrin, which is controlled by pro-Turkish gunmen, and information circulated by the media about the release of their “liberators”.
After following up and contacting several sources from inside Afrin; It was found that the women were transferred to another prison under the supervision of the military police and were not released.
The “Military Police” and armed elements from the “Eastern Ghouta” had found, after storming a headquarters of the Al-Hamza faction in the city of Afrin, a prison in which detainees, including 11 women, after a dispute inside one of the shops, developed extensive armed clashes that killed 4 people, including two children, and wounded 10 People including 4 women.
The city of Afrin, which is under the influence of the pro-Turkish factions, witnessed violent clashes between the Hamzat division on the one hand, and the Ahrar al-Sham elements from the people of Ghouta Damascus, where its frequency increased with the arrival of reinforcements for both parties, while the factions loyal to Turkey cut the roads to Afrin and prevented their exit.
Is the group of Al-Hamzat alone arresting women in Afrin?
Reports from the Violations Documentation Center in Northern Syria reveal that 181 women have been killed, 480 wounded since the Turkish incursion and attack on the city of Afrin began on January 20, 2018, and the military campaign east of the Euphrates October 9, 2019 until November 24 this year.
The report included documenting the killing of 58 women by Turkish gendarmerie on the Syrian border, who wanted to seek refuge in Turkey fleeing the battles taking place in their country, in addition to the killing of 83 children under the age of 14, out of 460 refugees killed since March 2011. In addition, 128 refugees were injured. Out of 470 fleeing towards the Turkish border.

The center revealed that Turkish forces and the loyal Syrian factions have arrested 290 women, out of 5,878 people in detention since March 2018, and the fate of half of them is still unknown. Also, during the beginning of this month, the pro-Turkish factions arrested 12 women At least 9 cases of torture of women and field executions were documented, including the assassination of Kurdish politician Hefrin Khalaf by pro-Turkish Ahrar militia, in addition to the execution of two medical team nurses on the road to the town of Tal Abyad on October 12. Also, the execution of 7 women was documented under the item “honor crime.”
: Cicek Kubani was arrested and dragged to the slaughter by slogans “God is great” by the Legion of Glory militants in addition to the representation of the body of the fighter Amara, near the town of Ain Issa ….
And the arrest of a worker in the Red Crescent, and filming a video clip of gunmen from Sultan Murad as they threaten She was killed, and the Ankara-backed armed men also mutilated the body of the Kurdish fighter Barin Kobani / Amina Omar, who was killed while resisting the Turkish attack in the village of Qurna in Afrin on February 1, 2018.
Friday 15 November; A Kurdish girl, a minor, from Ghazawia village in the countryside of Afrin, who was called “Roya Hanano Mustafa”, born in 2004, was kidnapped by gunmen believed to be from the “Legion of the Levant” faction, as they were traveling in a closed Hyundai van type, accompanied by veiled women
  Testimony from Roya’s family who confirmed that her family had been repeatedly blackmailed and threatened by elements from the Legion of the Levant, and accused the leadership of this faction of kidnapping their daughter in order to claim the ransom.
On November 16, the Military Police Service (Political Security) arrested three people, “Farhad Muhammad Koleen Sheikh Abdi, 40,” Saeed Gharib Hasso, and Saeed’s wife, “Ghalia Hassan,” in the city of Afrin, and they were taken to an unknown location
   “Citizen Sherine Abdel Qader” was arrested for filing a complaint against armed elements for stealing her car, belonging to her husband, “Kamiran Manan Ali,” who was 45 years old, who lost his life after the bombing in Al-Hull market on June 12. They also raided her sister’s house and kidnapped her and her son.
  Armed men from the “Military Police Service” raided the house of the elderly citizen, “Nuri Karra” and was arrested with his two daughters. In the city center of Afrin, the Military Police Service arrested 6 people, including 5 women, and they were: “Khadija Qara Ali, Amina Qara Ali, Hayat Qara Ali, The virtue of Muhammad, the virtue of Crico, the virtue of Sido and the elderly, “Nuri Qara Ali”. Three of them were released, who are both the virtue of Kriku, the life of Qara Ali and Nuri Qara Ali, because of their health status, while the other women are still unaccounted for.
Yazidi girl Narges Mirza Dawood, from the village of “Kemar” in Afrin, was 23 years old. She was killed by gunmen of the Syrian pro-Turkish factions in Afrin on November 17, where her body was found with a colleague of a civil defense employee who had stolen the phones and their poles from them Money where they were returning after receiving their salaries and the location of the crime is only 100 meters from the National Army checkpoint.
  The Center documented the compulsion of 51 girls from forced marriage by the faction’s militants in the Afrin region, under the threat and extortion of their families, and 7 cases of forced marriage in the city of Jarablus and one in the city of Azaz and Al-Bab, and documented that 13 women were raped by leaders and members of the factions, only three reported the incident , One of them was killed in Jarablus under the pretext of “honor killing” while the file of the second case that was directed against the leader of the Suleiman Shah faction, known as Muhammad Abu Amsha, was folded.
It was also documented that 4 women were killed, one in Jarablus and the other in Afrin in the public park.
All of these cases did not involve the judiciary or the security services.
  A number of women who appeared in the video were identified in a prison in the Al-Hamzat division in Afrin, and they are:

Haifa Al-Jasem: She was working as a nurse in “Afrin” hospital before the Turkish army and the Syrian armed opposition factions took control of Afrin on March 18, 2018.
The kidnapped young woman, Aryen Daly Hassan, 21, is from the village of Kimar, in the Shirawa district, southeast of Afrin, and was arrested on 27 February 2020 by the Hamza faction.

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